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 Early in March I collaborated with Femme Luxe UK which is an affordable online store that sells inexpensive fashion items. I was a little reluctant as I'm trying my best to avoid fast fashion, however, I was impressed with the range of basics they offered and as I, like other wise people, are currently still trying to stay home and avoid the stores, I liked that the site offered a good variety of loungewear and more "dressy" items that could easily transition from home to da club later this year (I write that like I go clubbing.. but, nah.. I'll be rocking a sequin dress to the library.) I had a so-so experience with my first few picks, which you can read about in my Lounging with Femme Luxe UK post, so when given the opportunity to give them a second shot, I went for it - especially as most of the items I picked out in the first batch were unavailable. Was my second try better? Let's find out.. 

So, like last time, I was on the hunt for a decent lounge set that didn't make me feel like garbage. Cute but comfy was my criteria. When I spotted this adorable Blue Off The Shoulder Knitted Loungewear Set, I was 110% in. Pastel blue will always be a color I gravitate towards, and I'm so glad I did. My biggest worry when ordering this was whether the knit would be itchy, but thankfully, it's that perfect mix of warm while still being soft. It's washed really well, and I like that you can easily pair the sweater with some jeans and heeled boots for a date night. The sweatpants are cute but super long (though keep in mind that I'm 5ft4), so you do have to roll them up a little to avoid inevitable falls. Overall, this is my favourite set to receive from Femme Luxe UK from both gifted parcels. I have already wore the sweater to death. 

Secondly, I went on a scroll through their top selection in the hopes to find something that would be comfortable enough to wear when lounging in the garden. I went with the Stone Frill Milkmaid Open Back Top as I really liked the look of the puffy sleeves and thought the style would work for my purposes (I hoped it would be the kind of style that would be flattering if choosing to go braless). Sadly, this just didn't fit right. I'm a 34C and went with the UK size 10. It was too tight on my chest, and yet loose on top. I just don't think this style pairs well with my figure. 

Lastly, I picked out this super cute Brown Black Patterned Long Sleeve Crop Jumper from their crop top and bralette section. This is the perfect amount of boxy and cropped. If you're into the current fashion trends, you may want to pair this with some cycling shorts and chunky trainers. I'm more girly with my style, so I've personally been styling it with a flippy skirt or with some loose black shorts. 

Overall, this was a much more successful review and I would most definitely recommend Femme Luxe UK for their kitted loungewear sets - especially as gifts! - and for their plain sweaters that have a flattering cut. Thank you, again, to the brand for gifting me with some of the items to trail! 


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