5 Product Face ft. Under £20 "Challenge"


It's mash-up time. Thankfully, it isn't a song mash-up as I would hate to damage your eardrums and have you all claim compensation. No, I'll stick to torturing the cat with my Barbara Streisand impersonations. Instead, you have a post mash-up about make-up. Cheap, cheerful, and applied alrightish (Is that a word?).

I'm going to level with you, I'm not the biggest make-up user. I enjoy applying it some days, and I have a unhealthy addiction of binging on Youtube tutorials, but I'm far too lazy for it on a whole. Most days I stick to concealer, brows, and maybe some blush if I'm feeling crazy. I am also a complete cheapskate when it comes to buying cosmetics. I practically sobbed handing over £9.99 for a foundation. (L'Oreal  Paris True Match Foundation in the shade Rose Ivory, just FYI. Medium coverage, applies easily and looks rather natural. It offers up a variety of shades too. I would definitely recommend.) So a 5 product make-up look that comes in at under £20 is ideal to suit my needs. It took roughly 8 minutes to apply, and how did it last? Well, you'll have to scroll down to find out. *Evil cackle*

Here's my face, and the result:
I'm new to this blogger thing. Please don't kill me for the photo quality. And I'm aware the crease shadow looks uneven, but I promise that is merely the shadows caused by British weather and crappy posture. You get the general idea.

I am personally pleased with what it turned out like. It's has a little bit of a vintage vibe, which fits my style. And the lipstick and blush are a match made in heaven.

 You may be wondering, how much did it cost? Well, let me tell you the products first, and how I used one in a multitude of ways.
Products used:
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Shade 1, Fair || £4.19

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette || £3.99
Shade 1. White Chocolate used for the inner corner, centre of the lid, and highlight. 
Shade 4. Chocolate Milk used all over the lid. 
Shade 6. Espresso used on the crease, and for brows. 
*I have always been more of a shadow person when it comes to brows, as mine are naturally full. We can't all pull off the Cara. This is actually the best suited colour I have ever managed to get my hands on. And once brushed through with a stipple brush, appears flawless.*

Fashionista Blush in Shade 12, Cinnamon || £1.00.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black || £4.99.

and lastly

MUA lipstick in Shade 11 || £1.00

Which comes to a grand total of... *insert imaginary game-show style tallying music* ....£15.17!

Although these products have been my go-to's over the past few months, I thought I'd take them out for a test drive and pay attention to the results in aid of this post. Oh, but before I get to that, I should mention that I used Sudocrem as my base. Which is also an amazingly affordable addition to any girls skincare routine.

So, my verdict. All in all, I'm pleased. During the day I did have to touch up the lipstick a handful of times, but I was drinking and have a terrible habit of biting my lips. I'm fully aware of how disgusting it is, don't judge me. The mascara had a little fall out, but nothing a quick swipe with a tissue couldn't fix. Or you know, the waterproof version. Everything else has appeared to of stayed put rather well. The blush is hands-down my hero product. the pigmentation is surreal for the price and I find it doesn't fade. I will certainly be picking up a few more colours from the range. I may even dedicate an entire blog post to them, swatches must be shared.

Could you get better quality make-up? Obviously. Would it be more expensive? Undoubtedly. I'd much prefer to spend that money on a new dress or skincare. So until I am rolling in the cash, or am more willing to splash out on some high end make-up, you'll likely find me redoing my lipstick with a compact mirror. (Which was 79p in Home Bargains. Seriously, cheapskate. Or a savvy saver.)

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day. 

- Anne x

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