Unappreciated Christmas Movies


My household is a strong believer in hoarding Christmas movies. Throughout the month of December me and my mum marathon all of our festive flicks and force the cheer onto ourselves. The only problem with this is that we have come across some questionable movies (Christmas Angel comes to mind), but.. yeah, you guessed it, go you! We have also come across some gems that were hidden behind the classics such as Home Alone and Elf. Here is a speedy list of my favourites, be sure to let me know of yours in the comments below!

Christmas Cottage

We all love a cheesy movie that is both inspiring and wants to make you want to weep in the corner, right? Starring Jared Padalecki (yup, little Sammy), Peter O'Toole, Aaron Ashmore, and Chris Elliott. This pick follows the story of two brothers who visit home for Christmas only to realise that their mother is in a bit of money trouble and could lose their home; the cottage. With the help of his ailing mentor, Sam Winchester... I mean, Thomas, hopes to find his artistic voice and help the town rediscover the holiday spirit. A truly beautiful story that is based off true events.

Hello Again + Reading Plans for 2023


Well, hello there. Long time, no write. This blog has practically been abandoned for the last few years, the reason being that I've just not been mentally strong enough to write. You could say that I'm in a life slump. It would be easy to blame the pandemic and all the chaos that ensued because of it, but I think it started way before that with the loss of my Grandmother. It sent me into a tailspin of depression and lack of interest to continue doing anything I would normally find enjoyable. I'm doing a tad better these days, by no means am I back to 100% yet, but it's a road I'm going down. So, in an attempt to brighten my days a little I thought I would return to this corner of the Internet and write about what I enjoy - books, TV, food, and life. 

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I did start a booktube channel in 2021. While I enjoy the process of making content and interacting with the booktube community who are all lovely, I'm not yet ready to put myself back on camera. Maybe in 2023! There's no rush. I do everything online for fun, mainly to discuss the wonders that are books. I put way too much pressure on myself to be consistent with uploads but, ya know, why? I'm not trying to make a career out of this and I don't ever plan on making money from it. So in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter if I upload a video once a week or once a month. I refuse to allow my brain to suck the joy out of what I like to do on a good mental health day. 

The point is, I'm dipping my toes back into the world of blogging and I do hope to become more consistent on my bookstagram @branchingpages with daily uploads in 2023. My blog will likely be a weekly thing, but who knows when inspiration will strike? I will write when I crave the escapism and I truly appreciate anyone who reads what I post. The blogging world has slowly died over the last 10 years, but it's still a community of people who put themselves out there and share their passions. It's a beautiful thing. 

As for my reading plans for 2023.. well, that's a bit chaotic. I want to challenge myself to pick up more large books, as that 500 page count always puts me off. I'd also like to read more classic literature in an attempt to tick off a few more on the Rory Gilmore Challenge (I may do a blog post about that!). Otherwise, it'll be much of the same. Readathons, too many depressing memoirs, and whatever I can get my hands on in the library. I have made myself a '12 Books in 12 Months' list, which is a relief as I was honestly debating doing a '23 Books in 2023' one instead, but that is just too much dedication as an avid mood reader! 

The last thing I'm hoping to do is do my own take on booktuber Drinking By My Shelf's Balancing the Books game! I will start the year with 0 books on my TBR either add or subtract as I haul/read. I have far too many backlist books so I'm hoping this'll keep me in check! 

So yeah, it's nice to be writing again though I have most definitely lost my flow. We'll get there! Do you have any reading plans for 2023? I'd love to hear them. 

Until next time,

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