Unappreciated Christmas Movies


My household is a strong believer in hoarding Christmas movies. Throughout the month of December me and my mum marathon all of our festive flicks and force the cheer onto ourselves. The only problem with this is that we have come across some questionable movies (Christmas Angel comes to mind), but.. yeah, you guessed it, go you! We have also come across some gems that were hidden behind the classics such as Home Alone and Elf. Here is a speedy list of my favourites, be sure to let me know of yours in the comments below!

Christmas Cottage

We all love a cheesy movie that is both inspiring and wants to make you want to weep in the corner, right? Starring Jared Padalecki (yup, little Sammy), Peter O'Toole, Aaron Ashmore, and Chris Elliott. This pick follows the story of two brothers who visit home for Christmas only to realise that their mother is in a bit of money trouble and could lose their home; the cottage. With the help of his ailing mentor, Sam Winchester... I mean, Thomas, hopes to find his artistic voice and help the town rediscover the holiday spirit. A truly beautiful story that is based off true events.


Surviving Christmas

The only one on the list that I'm unsure of as I think it's somewhat popular and you have likely watched it. But let's go with it anyway. Millionaire Ben Affleck (who, after recent events, I can't bring myself to like. Shame.) hires a family for the holidays as he wants a classic homey Christmas. With laughter, a makeover, and some over-the-top gestures, Surviving Christmas is always a must watch in the Roberts household. This rom-com also stars Christina ApplegateJennifer Morrison and Tony Soprano. Oh, and the mum from Home Alone.


Me and my mum are huge advocates for Christmas horror movies. We love a little tinsel with our gore. Sadly, there is a limited amount of them in the world. The more Christmas based ones are usually a little comedic which isn't really our cup of tea (most British expression ever, just FYI). Even Krampus, which I loved - check out my review HERE - was heavily comedy based. P2 is a good cat and mouse horror that is based over Christmas Eve. We have Christmas songs, Christmas dinner, and a huge bear. It stars Rachel Nichols and Wes Bentley.

Help For The Holidays

River is an elf! Pop culture reference, sorry. Yeah, that was another one. I'm on a Whedon kick. Alas, if none of that made sense to you.. well, judging.. but nonetheless Help For The Holidays is the flick you need to watch over the Christmas season. Never having been released on DVD, this Hallmark movie is one that you may have to go on a little Internet search for. Starring the gorgeous Summer Glau who plays an Elf that is sent by Santa to give a family something that money can't buy.. some Christmas spirit. This is an all round cheese fest with enviable clothes and romance. Aka: what you need.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Die Hard is a Christmas movie, I think we can all agree on that. But you know what? The second instalment in the Die Hard series is also a flick for the festive season! It's Christmas Eve and McClane is waiting for his wife to land at Washington Dulles International Airport when terrorists take over the air traffic control system. You already know who this stars, so let's all simply no longer leave this sequel alone in the dusk. It's a Christmas movie!

Remember to tell me your favourite hidden gems below!

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