A Photo Per Day || November


I'm going to be honest here, I said in my A Photo Per Day || October that the month of Halloween was crappy. Pfft. Do you ever want to go back in time and prepare yourself for the brutality that is about to come? Yeah, November has been hellish. One of the worst months I've had in a heck of a long time. But alas, this is not a Bath Musings and I can keep my inner meltdown for that (fun, I know). The name of this series is now a regret as I have failed massively the past two months at posting every day. I haven't really left the house and I most definitely haven't had much inspiration for photo taking days. A lot of these photos are throwbacks, but I guess that has the theme of my month. I've constantly been surrounding with the present but thinking of better times. It's unhealthy but, yeah. Alas, here is November and let's all hope for a merry December. (Both figuratively and literally.) 

What To Buy Bloggers This Christmas | Gift Guide


'Tis the time of year for gifting, eating everything in sight, and blasting Christmas tunes at 9am. Yay! I love me some of the big C. And when it comes to buying gifts for people, I think we all want to choose something that will not only bring the recipient a little joy but will prove useful in their daily lives. Bloggers can be difficult to buy for, it's unavoidable. The usual fallback gift of candles, body products, or a nice lippy seems a little meh due to the fact that they likely already own so many. It'd be like buying a chef an egg boiler (that analogy made more sense in my head). The new site on the blogging sphere is BlogHaven, a place where you can literally fulfil all of your blogger needs. From tripods, rugs, and mugs. To notebooks, box lights, and flatlay props. I can't push this site enough to anyone out there who has a blogger friend and wants to buy them something original but thoughtful this year. Plus, everything is super pretty. Here are some of my favourites.
Bloggers can't be bloggers without some technology at their side. Whether it's necessities like a laptop/desktop or something novelty like a rose gold USB. Our jobs are based in the tech world. So you usually can't go wrong with buying a blogger something that requires charging or a battery. BlogHaven have a variety of photography gadgets to choose from, but these are my main picks. Embrace your inner Kardashian with this Phone Selfie Ring Light - $14.95 and bring your selfie game up a level. (It was the Kardashian's that pushed this product, right? Um.) If you're forced to take blog photos alone, it can be difficult - especially if taking outfit shots. How about purchasing a Phone Mini Tripod with Bluetooth Remote - $32.95 to make that task easier? If lighting is the main issue, check out this 18W LED Portable Light - $59.95 or if you're on a budget, how about this Portable Light Box - $19.95?

Free Apps You Need As A Blogger


We all love to fill our phones storage space with apps that add something to our valuable screen time. Whether it be Candy Crush, shopping, or that weird farm thing that people are now playing, apps can be a form of free entertainment so we hoard them like kids with candy. When I first got a smartphone, I didn't know what the heck to download. I looked on Google Play, got overwhelmed, and stuck to trying to figure out Instagram. Yup, I'm that uncool. Alas, over the years I have found my own personal favourites and I thought I'd share them to give you an insight on which make my blogger life easier.

A Photo Per Day || October


For the first time this year, I'm late uploading my monthly photo wrap-up. It sucks. And I'm really sorry. But to be entirely honest, this month has been a roller-coaster. It started off good with a trip to Edinburgh with my mother - the first trip we have ever taken just me and her. It created so many memories that I will undoubtedly treasure for the rest of my life, but it ended on a low note. And I guess that seeped into the remainder of the month. I've been really low lately, and I don't really know why. Everything has felt hazy and not very.. real, I guess. I don't know. Anyway, this month has been lacking in photos and I apologise for that. But on the flip side, it was Blogtober! Yay. I only missed 2 days out of the 31 expected. Not bad, right? Be sure to check out the multitude of new content on this blog. And hey, it's almost December. Christmas is fast approaching! It'll get better. Next month will be better.

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