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'Tis the time of year for gifting, eating everything in sight, and blasting Christmas tunes at 9am. Yay! I love me some of the big C. And when it comes to buying gifts for people, I think we all want to choose something that will not only bring the recipient a little joy but will prove useful in their daily lives. Bloggers can be difficult to buy for, it's unavoidable. The usual fallback gift of candles, body products, or a nice lippy seems a little meh due to the fact that they likely already own so many. It'd be like buying a chef an egg boiler (that analogy made more sense in my head). The new site on the blogging sphere is BlogHaven, a place where you can literally fulfil all of your blogger needs. From tripods, rugs, and mugs. To notebooks, box lights, and flatlay props. I can't push this site enough to anyone out there who has a blogger friend and wants to buy them something original but thoughtful this year. Plus, everything is super pretty. Here are some of my favourites.
Bloggers can't be bloggers without some technology at their side. Whether it's necessities like a laptop/desktop or something novelty like a rose gold USB. Our jobs are based in the tech world. So you usually can't go wrong with buying a blogger something that requires charging or a battery. BlogHaven have a variety of photography gadgets to choose from, but these are my main picks. Embrace your inner Kardashian with this Phone Selfie Ring Light - $14.95 and bring your selfie game up a level. (It was the Kardashian's that pushed this product, right? Um.) If you're forced to take blog photos alone, it can be difficult - especially if taking outfit shots. How about purchasing a Phone Mini Tripod with Bluetooth Remote - $32.95 to make that task easier? If lighting is the main issue, check out this 18W LED Portable Light - $59.95 or if you're on a budget, how about this Portable Light Box - $19.95?

If you're on the hunt for a main gift for someone in the blogging community (or want to gift yourself a little something-something), this is the way to go. This Ring Light Kit With Tripod 13 Inch - $84.95 is a great price for the contents, which I will list below. I'm guilty of forgetting to take my blog photos when the natural daylight is in full swing, so it would definitely be a godsend.
Package Contents:
1 x Ring Fluorescent Flash Light
1 x 200CM photo tripod
2 x White Plastic Filter
1 x Ball head
1 x Phone holder
1 x Bag
If you or your gift receiver like the minimalist look for their home or simply enjoy the ability to take a photo anywhere inside and have it come out perfect, look no further. Not only are all these items beautiful, but they will add a lot to blog photos. Win-win. This Faux Fur Rug - $24.95 will add the perfect backdrop to photos but will also keep your tootsies warm on those cold Winter mornings. It comes in either white, hot pink, gray or purple. If that isn't up your street, how about some Marble/Gold Ceramic Coasters - $14.95? I can't get over the beauty of these little things. If you're into greenery, check out this Vintage Flowers Vase - $39.95. And if you're a stationary lover, your insides will already be melting from these gorgeous Marble Cover Notebooks - $14.95

We all want to perfect that flatlay, right? It's what Instagram dreams are made of. If you're like me, that involves your cat's blanket and one heck of a lint roll beforehand. These would most definitely make anyone's photographic life easier. There are so many to choose from on the site, from your classic Textured Background - $14.95 (comes in black or pink) to an array of Wood Backgrounds - $14.95 that will add the rustic feel to any shots. If those aren't quite your style, how about a classic Marble Background - $19.95?
Who doesn't love a slogan tee? I mostly live in oversized t-shirts and leggings around the house, so I was quick to have a browse at the clothing options on the site. This Happy t-shirt - $14.95 is simplistic yet lovely. The font is especially adorable and I don't know why, but it reminds me of Dodie Clarke. So, inner fangirl moment. Flaunt your inner pride with either the Girl Gang t-shirt - $19.95 or Girl Power t-shirt - $19.95, because, ya know, who run the world? Lastly, I have never related more to anything in my life - this World's Okayest Blogger tee - $19.95 is just pure (brutally honest) fun.
I don't know about you, but I fail massively at taking care of my makeup brushes. They usually end up at the bottom of my makeup bag either forgotten or just getting squished. With this Professional Brush Rack - $19.95, you most definitely wouldn't lose anything. Plus, how handy would this be when your brushes are drying after a clean? Cosy up in the cold evenings with this Chunky Knit Blanket - from $45.00 that comes in a variety of colours and 5 different sizes, you'll be spoiled for choice. Just don't let a cat near it, ever. If beauty is a passion and you want to take it to bed with you, check out this Eyelash Pillow Cover Set - $29.95. We all hate the job of washing our makeup brushes, it's mundane as all hell. Would these adorable Heart Shaped Glove Brush Cleaners - $4.95 make the job more enjoyable? Most likely.

There are so many other gift ideas on the site, so I urge you to give it a browse. When I received an email to let me know about BlogHaven, I knew instantly that I wanted to put together a gift guide on what to buy bloggers. This world can seem a little daunting and though you most definitely don't NEED anything on this list, they would be helpful. And if you're like me and just tend to browse, this site is full of Instagram-able photos. So, go indulge in a little flatlay porn. I won't judge.

***Disclaimer: links are affiliate but I have under no means been asked to write this post. Literally any blogger can sign up to be a BlogHaven affiliate, every little helps.

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