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We all love to fill our phones storage space with apps that add something to our valuable screen time. Whether it be Candy Crush, shopping, or that weird farm thing that people are now playing, apps can be a form of free entertainment so we hoard them like kids with candy. When I first got a smartphone, I didn't know what the heck to download. I looked on Google Play, got overwhelmed, and stuck to trying to figure out Instagram. Yup, I'm that uncool. Alas, over the years I have found my own personal favourites and I thought I'd share them to give you an insight on which make my blogger life easier.

EtsyBlog Templates
Though worth it, blog templates can be bloody expensive. I have a niche for web design so when I first started this blog, I figured I would eventually whip something up of my own and be done with it. Yeah, no. It soon became apparent that when it comes to designing something for myself, I'm a little controlling and only see the flaws. After a fair few days of barely any sleep, I threw in the towel and decided just to buy one. Not being happy at the cost of most that fellow bloggers use, I did a little snoop online and discovered the joy of Etsy. You can buy templates on there for as little as £4 and the designers are speedy to respond to any queries or issues you're having. I bought mine from the designer . But just search "blogger (or) wordpress templates" and be in choice heaven.

VSCOPhoto Editing
I think this is pretty standard knowledge for anyone who uses Instagram religiously, but VSCO is the best editing app for filters that you will find for free. But what I didn't know for a long while is if you click on the little shop icon in the filter selection, you can find more free filters that you can download to the app. There are also a variety of sets to purchase for as little as £0.62. I personally use the Google Rewards app and use any Google Play credit I make from that to buy new shiny filters. Great tip if you're a cheapskate like me.

Quick Collage | Collages & Fonts
Sometimes a photo is just too portraity (totally a word) for Instagram, but with the joy of Quick Collage you can have it ready to go in a jiffy. I also use this app when creating collages for blog posts. I know most use PicMonkey but I find it lags a little too much for my liking. Quick Collage is also a great app for fonts. There are so many to choose from and though a little fidgety, great to customise. The only downside for the entire app are the ads, but just click the little [x] and it's all good.

Twilight | Bed Time
As a blogger, it can be difficult to get a good nights sleep. We're constantly on our phones and the light really isn't helping our eyes get sleepy. Twilight is an app that helps dim the brightness of your phone by adding a red hew that supposedly stops the brightness from keeping you awake. Is it true? Who knows, but anything is worth a try. You can schedule the app to go on and off at specific times, so once you've downloaded it, you can just forget it's there. Let the red screen do it's thang.

Overlay | Best Of Both Editing Worlds
Yet another editing app. You may be asking 'Do you really need two?' and the answer is 'Yes!' Overlay combines the best features of both VSCO and Quick Collage for me, in the way of having decent editing software and fonts. It can be a little ad heavy, but once again, it's really easy to just click out. If you aren't too big on having perfect filters but like having a bit of leeway when it comes to making your photos pop, this may be the better option for you. With stickers, frames, and overlaying patterns, you can definitely be original.

So there we have it. I didn't include the obvious ones for the overall blogging world, but these are just a few that I see more as "perks" not "necessities". 

What your favourite apps to have in a blogging world? Let me know!


  1. very informative!!! thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. Thanks for sharing. I've tried VSCO in the past, and I know that's what most people use. I personally prefer the MIX app though. There are so many filters, or you can adjust the settings for the image yourself to get it just the way you want it. It's like Photoshop on your phone. I would be lost without it.

    1. Ooh! I'll try that, thanks for the suggestion! I'm always thoroughly blown away by the people who take a photo, transfer it to their computer, edit on photoshop, put it back on their phone.. all for Instagram. Dedication at its finest.


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