3 Product Budget Skincare Routine.


Today we are going to discuss skincare. Oh, wow. I'm finally earning that #bbloggers hashtag that I overuse on Twitter and Instagram. Slightly. Skin care falls into the beauty category.. right? You'd think I'd know that after the amount of beauty Youtubers I watch. I'll study all this if I plan on any similar posts in future, I promise. 

I'll happily admit that my routine isn't the most.. fancy. I'm a simple gal when it comes to things that touch my face and my skin seems to like it that way. Why mess with something that's working out? I have combination skin, prone to dry patches over the bridge of my nose. I have your average hormonal break outs over "that time of the month" but they usually clear up within a few days and after many pints of water. 

Let's get into the routine:

Morning: Water. Water, water. You've heard it a million times, the classic "drink more water!" spiel, but I swear to you it helps. I'd like to say that I accompany said water with green tea, but that'd be a blatant lie. All about that coffee. The fortnight before my trip to Germany I was good and managed to stick to a pint of water and large mug of green tea in the morning, and my skin really did thrive. But... coffee. I need to regain that self control. I do stray from dairy at any possible opportunity, but yes. Now, for the actual products.. First off I use the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Oil-Free Daily Scrub, and then proceed to lather on a pea sized amount of Sudocrem. If I'm applying make up, I'll add a drop of the Garnier Skin Moister Match Wake Me Up, which adds a subtle glow to my skin and makes it feel wonderfully soft. But truth be told, I only do that if I remember. Most days I stick to concealer under my eyes and slap some power on my brows. 

Night: This is where the routine gets exciting. Oil! Oooh. I've tried the various micellar waters that are on the market, but for me nothing compares to a few drops of the Derma V10 Rescue Oil (which you can also purchase from Home Bargains or Poundland) on a cotton pad. One drop on a cotton pad and a single swipe will remove at least 80% of eye make-up. I kid you not. This is a blatant copy of the good ol' classic Bio Oil, but I would never justify the price of that for a simple make-up remover. To prevent my skin from going too oily, I then go on to having a good scrub with the same face wash I used in the morning (obviously. There's only one scrub listed. Smart one, Anne.). Some might say using the scrub morning and night would be a little harsh on the skin, but it suits mine perfectly. I have tried using a softer product in the morning but I never found one that didn't dry me out. So.. I'll stick to this for now. After the wash, you guessed it, I slap on Sudocrem and hop into bed. 

So, there you have it. I am also going to include a scary shot of my make-up free face in natural daylight without any editing/filters, as I find it ridiculous to take skincare advice from someone whose skin you haven't seen. I'll apologize now for the dry lips and dead looking eyes.

The only thing my routine is missing out massively on is a good treatment for blackheads. Whether it be a wash, targeted treatment, or mask. They're the bane of my existence. The daily scrub is good and does the trick, but sometimes I'd like a more scrubbier version for those days I want to get right in there. I've tried various branded pore strips, but they just seem to dry out the area I "strip" and the blackheads don't appear to budge. If you have any recommendations, shoot me a comment or tweet! It would be much appreciated. 

What are your top budget skincare products? Do you like your skincare simple, or do you like a wide variety of products? Let me know! 

- Anne x

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