Llandudno Victorian Day Extravaganza, North Wales || Photos


I recently went on a day trip with my mother to the yearly tradition that is the Llandudno Extravaganza. I didn't get to snap a lot of photos (curse you, shyness), but I got a few that I like so I figured 'why not share them here'? After all, this is a memory I want to remember. I hope you enjoy the snaps. Yes, there are a lot of Ferris Wheels and a fair few of the Skyview ride - which we actually went on, and I feared for my life throughout it. Apparently I'm okay with heights and spinning, so long as they aren't a mutual thing. Good to know, aye? Enjoy. 

What are some of your favourite fairground rides, or are you like me and prefer to watch from the side? Let me know! 

- Anne x

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