Glass Windows Of This World || Glass Beach, Fort Bragg


I recently went on my first ever camping trip to Fort Bragg, CA with my better half. One of the main attractions of the area is the beach of glass - otherwise known as, you guessed it, glass beach. Prior to being directed by my fiance's mother to go and gather her all the prettiest pieces of the translucent eye-stopper (which, just FYI, is meant to be frowned upon or something. So, maybe don't? Or just be extra sneaky. We weren't, nor were the countless people doing the same but ya know..), I had never heard of something like this. And although the end result was semi lacklustre due to a lack of sea glass and seaweed between the toes, the area itself was beautiful and I'm thankful for the trip for the photos alone. Much like my previous posts "A Drop In The Ocean" and "River Deep, Mountain High" this is just a photo post; this little ramble aside. A post to be kept in my little online scrapbook section to later scroll over and mourn for the days of beach swept hair. Ahhh. Sorry, future me.

- Anne x


  1. Wow! This place looks amazing!! I've got to visit here.

    1. You really do! It's gorgeous. Totally bucket list worthy.


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