Easy Ways To Incorporate More Vegetables Into Your Diet


We can always afford to add more veggies into our diets, they fuel our body with goodness and often lead to us feeling a little better about ourselves. I  think we're all guilty of eating a salad and suddenly feeling like you could compete for America's Next Top Model. Because... logic. These are some easy ways I've found to up my veggie intake. Warning: I may or may not have titled each paragraph with a 'song title'. I create my own amusement.

Cold As Ice
Frozen vegetables. They aren't the best, but they're a super easy and affordable way to add extra veg to your dishes and they help bulk out a meal which in the long run helps out with expenses. I always add frozen corn to fried rice and Shepard's Pie, even if we're having a veggie side. Same with Spaghetti Bologonase, it may not seem logical to find some carrot pieces in your tomato sauce, but it actually doesn't really taste of much and as mentioned above, bulks it out for a low cost.

Blanche It Real Good
If you personally find frozen veggies to hold too much water and make your dishes get sloppy, do what I do and pour out the portion you want into a bowl. Add hot water, strain, and voila. It doesn't seem like it'd do anything spectacular, but I've noticed it does make a huge difference in it's issue of retaining water. I haven't had to drain out unwanted liquid from my pan since doing this.

How To Save A Veggie
If you're a person who hates wasting food so is reluctant to buy fresh produce in fear of it going bad too quickly, look no further than your freezer. Grab yourself one of those large food bags, chop up your soiling veggies and store for emergency meals. The same goes for fruit, freeze and either use for smoothies or simply pop some hot water over the pieces and it'll almost be a self-made fruit salad. (Side-note: As a child did you ever actually like those cheap cans of fruit salad that would act as dessert after a Sunday roast? I only wanted it because of the cherries and the whipped cream my Grandma would insist on topping it with.)

All You Need Is Variety
Variety is key when trying to eat a lot of veg. Things like broccoli have a very vivid taste and it can get tiring especially if you don't especially love the taste. Maybe decide to try one new vegetable a fortnight, or just keep rotating at least three to keep your plate interesting.

Don't Stop Blendin'
Soup is the key to packing a ton of veggies in one dish without you feeling like a rabbit when you sit down for your dinner. There are a million different soup recipes online, so get googling and you're bound to discover one that peeks your interest. My personal favourite is a Veggie and Cannellini Bean soup, click HERE to find the recipe.

Just Can't Get Enough
It's obvious, I know, but making sure that you have at least one vegetable with every meal is a really easy way to introduce more produce into your diet. Of course, if you  prefer to have something sweet for breakfast, this won't apply. But I'm personally a fan of having a bagel with either cream cheese or avocado, and I try to load it up with either spinach or some other green. You'd throw some spinach into eggs without a second thought to kick off your day, so why not on a bagel?

What are some ways you include vegetables into your diet? Let me know!

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