Reasons Why I'm A Cat Person


Why is it socially acceptable to say you hate cats, but not dogs? On behalf of the cat kingdom I say: "Hey! Not fair!" I wasn't a cat lady until I had a cat, but before that dogs were never my cup of tea. I loved my childhood dog (obviously), but that was different as she was always more of a sister to me than an animal. Cats are my spirit animal. They're all or nothing, a saint or sinner, but always so cute. Here are the many ways I love them. 

Say what you will about kitties and their way of showing love, but once they love you, you're their favourite person on the planet. No one else will do. I appreciate that kind of dedication in my life.

Cat Paws
I mean, Google image them. Eeek, so squishy!

Easier To Entertain
You just need a laser and a little twitch of the wrist. You can do that whilst laying in bed, watching a movie cuddled on the couch, or even as you eat pizza with the other hand. Don't get your exercise, kids!

They have the cutest noses of the animal kingdom, don't @ me. Look at this adorableness. Untouchable.

Cats know how to leave you alone for a few hours, which is something all pet owners need at times. A cat has their independence and that's something I can respect. They're like mini humans, only more saintly.

A more serious one for me personally, but I really appreciate not having to walk our cats like you do a dog. I have a chronic illness and some days I can't even contemplate going on a decent walk due to pain. Cats are fairly low maintenance in that regard. They just want to play, which as mentioned above, can be done from a couch or bed.

The Way They Lick
You probably think I'm reaching by now, but watch this and then disagree with me.

What do you love about cats? #CatPeopleUnite

Side-note: This post is quite obviously for fun, don't set the dogs on me.


  1. Yesss cats forever! I've always thought that too. Why are some people allowed to hate cats and not dogs? Not that I hate dogs, but they just aren't my cup of tea. Cats are my spirit animal too and my favorite animal as well, all for the same exact reasons you just mentioned. I just got my new kitten and I just can't get over the fact how furry and sweet and small she is! Plus, her teeny-tiny toe beans just kill me! Cats forever! <3

    Emily |

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