Welcome To Blogmas! + New Christmas Favourites


Yup, I'm taking the plunge and have decided to participate in Blogmas! Am I crazy given the fact that Blogtober ruined my brain? Very likely. But I'm hoping with enough prep and organization this will be possible (she says, deciding this on November 29th with no drafts ready to post. Gulp.) 2020 has been crazy and I hope that at least one of these posts will bring someone somewhere some joy. Christmas will be different for so many of us this year, which is a hard pill to swallow. I had originally planned to travel home to the UK with my husband over the holidays to spend our first Christmas with my family, but ya know.. Covid happened. I'm saddened by the change and am feeling very homesick, but no way am I travelling during all this craziness. Stay home, stay safe, and don't be stupid. Basically. 
Side-note: I've had to unfollow so many people over social media this year because of their irresponsible behavior during lockdown. Where are peoples brains at? Humanity is mental. 
I'm lucky that both my mother and my Granddad know how to video chat, so it isn't all gloom and doom. So many of us who are away from home are lucky that this pandemic happened during these times with the power of the Internet and free calls through WhatsApp. It makes it just a smidge easier. As I've been living away from home for a few years now, would a post on how to manage being away from your family during the holidays interest you? As I have a few tips that help lift the weight on your heart. Let me know!

For me, Christmas begins the day after Halloween. So naturally our tree and decorations are already up, our snack bags are filled with more chocolate than we could possibly eat, and I've officially finished my Christmas shopping. (Have yet to wrap, but that's a joy filled day made for December 20th) Me and my husband are trying to start new traditions, such as exchanging a festive gift on December 1st and decorating gingerbread houses which is such a joy. New starts are hard, ya know?

Vlogmas is a huge part of my December as I love seeing more content from my favourite creators. This year I'm eagerly anticipating Rhiannon Ashlee, Lauren WadeLoseitlikeLauren, and BookswithEmilyFox's videos. I'm hoping Grackle will bless us with Vlogmas too. Which Youtube channels do you watch religiously in December? I'd love some suggestions!

Music is been my background noise for a few months now, no matter what I'm doing. It's become a type of comfort, I suppose. Spotify Premium is the best. So naturally I've been on a bit of a Christmas music kick since Halloween. My favourites are still the classic Fairytale of New York, the entirety of Lea Michele's Christmas in the City album, and I already know the soundtrack to Dolly Parton's new movie Christmas on the Square will be replayed a bunch.

Speaking of movies, we're blessed with so many new gems this year! Christmas on the Square looks like a really fun spin on the traditional Scrooged plot. Christine Baranski is a joy. On Hulu, Happiest Season was released last week and.... dayum. Dan Levy, Kristin Stewart, and Aubrey Plaza? YES. I've already seen this and am already wanting to rewatch. Queer goodness that has a impeccable cast. (I'm with everyone else on the planet, Kristin Stewart should've got her smooch on with Aubrey Plaza). Jingle Jangle was fun, but not necessarily my jam. Great for a family movie night. And lastly, we're all eagerly waiting for The Prom, right? I'm so excited.

For Blogmas, I have a few posts planned that mainly revolve around books, food, and festive goodness. So if any of those topics interest you, be sure to check back! I would also love to read any Christmas content that you may be writing up, so be sure to share.

So, yeah, welcome to the start of 24 blog posts. Happy Holidays!

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