Glass Windows Of This World || Glass Beach, Fort Bragg


I recently went on my first ever camping trip to Fort Bragg, CA with my better half. One of the main attractions of the area is the beach of glass - otherwise known as, you guessed it, glass beach. Prior to being directed by my fiance's mother to go and gather her all the prettiest pieces of the translucent eye-stopper (which, just FYI, is meant to be frowned upon or something. So, maybe don't? Or just be extra sneaky. We weren't, nor were the countless people doing the same but ya know..), I had never heard of something like this. And although the end result was semi lacklustre due to a lack of sea glass and seaweed between the toes, the area itself was beautiful and I'm thankful for the trip for the photos alone. Much like my previous posts "A Drop In The Ocean" and "River Deep, Mountain High" this is just a photo post; this little ramble aside. A post to be kept in my little online scrapbook section to later scroll over and mourn for the days of beach swept hair. Ahhh. Sorry, future me.

A Photo Per Day || August


I deserve to have an extremely cold drink thrown in my face, Glee style. I've failed miraculously at this segment during the month of August, but I have good reasons.. kind of. I went camping for the first time this month (hopefully there will be a post going up later this week about that), went on a 2 day trip that both wiped me out physically but made me appreciate my surroundings a tad more, and I guess I simply got too lost in reality to remember to pick up my camera/phone. So don't judge me! I'm sorry. Next month I pledge to be more active online, or at least put some effort into it. Truth be told, August has been a great but awful month. It's felt as though these last 31 days have been looked over by a timer that is ticking so loud it's deafening me. I've been happy, incredibly happy, but everything seems to be followed up by dread or complications that ought to not be there. I wish I could have 24 hours to do everything my heart desires without having to worry about the consequences or other people in my life - selfish, I know. I guess that's been the theme of my month though - trying to hold onto the happiness despite the obvious slack I am starting to have. Next month everything changes for me again, and though I'm looking forward to going home and seeing my mum and cat, I'm dreading that moment that I find myself laying in my bed and feeling the weight of silence and lack of control and.. well, distance. I don't want to have to continue living on a countdown for one thing or another, and I just wish I had the inner strength to say "sod it" and do what my heart is screaming at me - find a way to not live in the in-between anymore. Probably a bit too honest and heavy for a post about photos, huh? This is August.

Camping '17 || Fort Bragg, CA

If you're like me, the word 'camping' will instantly make you want to marathon the Friday the 13th movies (minus Jason Goes To Hell.. that one is a bit cray-cray.. yeah, I say that about a movie that isn't Jason X but I actually enjoyed that one. Sue me.). But if you aren't a homebody, the word 'camping' may actually make you want to, you know, camp. Insane! During my recent trip to the States, my partner and I planned a midweek camping trip to Fort Bragg, which is somewhere in California. Originally we had planned to spend 2 nights in the wilderness but after some complications with confirming the spot and a night spent at a rather lovely motel eating RoundTable pizza and drinking far too much wine, we wound up with only one night. Nevertheless, we achieved everything we wanted and actually, it turned into one of those failed adventures that somehow ends up better than you could've initially imagined. One we'll definitely tell the grandchildren.

The Third Collective Book Haul || $25 US Budget Edition


Books are a way of having sanity in life. They offer you an escape whenever - and whenever - you need it. They open up worlds that even your imagination couldn't think of. They help us never feel alone. They demand all of our attention, and fail to sink into our brains if we skim. But let's face it, they can be bloody expensive, especially if buying new and from those bookstores we love to browse so much. Now, I fully support keeping local bookstores in business by splashing out every now and again on a new book, but not all of us can afford to do that too often. We instead look to used books on Amazon, library rentals, or cheap E-books. But recently my partner and I have taken it upon ourselves to search for the cheapest books possible - mostly from Library book sales and community projects. Not only has it become our special thing, but it's been eye-opening to how much you can save if you're willing to have a little hunt. We all deserve a hearty TBR shelf, I firmly believe that. So here are what have started off mine (at least my American one).

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