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Last year I dipped my little toe into the world of classic literature. I didn't read too many, but it definitely got the ball rolling for me. I have read books such as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre when I was much younger (and yes, mostly thanks to Bella's love of books in Twilight. Don't judge me!), but they are a little foggy to me now after all the time that has passed. Here are a list of six classics that I most definitely want to pick up sometime in 2018.

The House Of Mirth
by Edith Wharton
Lily Bart is aged 29, she is beautiful, impoverished, and in need of a rich husband to safeguard her place in the social elite, and to support her expensive habits. Unwilling to marry without both love and money, Lily becomes vulnerable to the kind of gossip and slander which attach to a girl who has been on the dating scene for too long.

“Do you remember what you said to me once? That you could help me only by loving me? Well-you did love me for a moment; and it helped me. It has always helped me.” 

Bruno's Current Favourites || That Cat Life


Disclaimer: I allowed my darling son Bruno to write up a post for you all. Now, I truly believe that you'll be safe in his paws but if things get aggressive toward birds or he goes on a tunangent (get it? Tuna + tangent? No?) I cannot be held responsible. 

Yo, my kitty homies. Have you tried this? Hilife chicken is my favourite thing in the world. Well except for myself, obviously. And Mama. Her and chicken are like equal. It's succulent pieces of freeze dried chicken that are so yum they'll make your tail stand up. Every week when Mama goes Bruno shopping I ask for 10000001 packs but does she deliver? Nope. Big fat nope. She says Tesco nor Asda sell it anymore (whoever they are) but I think she just can't count to that many. Sometimes she gets that strange human who gives us paper and boxes to play with to bring some to Bruno, but it doesn't always get delivered. When we do have some, I ask for it multiple times a day and she does give it me when she understands, she's just a bit oblivious sometimes. Like, I'll be sitting right next to the cupboard that holds my food, treats, bowtie and chicken - you know, the necessities to keep Bruno alive - but she just comes and gives Bruno some lovin' and doesn't give chicken, even when I'm asking REALLY loudly. I blame my good looks. She gets so distracted by me. It's difficult being a kitty stud. It's yummy though. Trust me, cats, tuna is so pase. Hilife chicken is the future.

Organic and Natural Bath Bombs, Grace & Stella Co || REVIEW

Prior to trying these Grace & Stella CO bath bombs, I'll admit to never having tried a bath bomb. In fact, I don't think I had ever held one in real life. Blogger sin! Speaking of, despite the many hours of Lush Hauls I've clocked in via Youtuber, I have never stepped foot inside one of those stores (which is probably a good thing as I don't think my nose or head could take it. So fumy). This set of 9 bath bombs caught my attention as they were on Amazon and shockingly affordable for the quantity. Plus, yeah, the yellow of the box swayed me. No, but really, the fact that they were organic and natural entirely swayed my decision as my skin is one sensitive creature and doesn't like anything too harsh.

Bath Musings Ep.03 || "Stop being so sensitive about everything."


Bath Products Used: 'Rose' Bath Bomb from Grace & Stella Co. Organic, natural, and amazing value!

Songs Listened To: Nothing.

Minutes Wasted: Over 60.

"Anne, you sound really fragile. I'm worried about you." 

"Stop being so sensitive about everything."

Every Book I Read In 2017


So we have officially left 2017 behind us, but if you're like me, you've likely carried a few books with you into the new year. Whether it's because they've touched your heart, or because you haven't yet got around to them. Here are all the books I read last year.

2017 Book Wrap-Up [September - December]


This is it, the very last installment of my 2017 reading wrap-up. If you haven't already, be sure to check out [January - June] and [June-September] after you have had a little nosy through this post. I read a total of 72 books last year, so here's hoping for 100 in 2018. Oy vey, wish me luck!

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Dear Nobody: The True Diary Of Mary Rose
edited by Gilliam McCain and Legs McNeil
In the same style as "Go Ask Alice" this is a story that allows you a glimpse into the mind of a teenage girl as she struggles with mental health issues, heartbreak, cystic fibrosis, and tells her tale of a downhill spiral that leads her to drugs and alcohol. Unlike "Go Ask Alice", this is non-fiction. This style of book always gets to me, and I can't not pick one up. I think it's the mixture of mental health and the lack of glamorising around it, unlike so many mainstream YA books on such topics. It's gritty, but realistic. And I'd take that any day. Alas, you're likely to only pick this up if this is your niche of genre.

Autobiography of a Face 
by Lucy Grealy 
This nonfiction book is a raw, sometimes comical, beautiful telling of an amazing woman's story as a cancer survivor who, at nine years old, had part of her jaw removed. From reading about her story as a child, to going on the journey with her through multiple agonising surgeries, painful recoveries, and taunts from both children and adults, you can't help but read this and wish you could be there to give the woman a hug. Whether you have a way of relating or you just want to read about an incredibly strong woman, pick this one up.

A Photo Per Day || December


Here we are, the last installment of my Photo Per Day series. 'Twas the month of Christmas trees, Baileys, and Santa visits but to be honest, for me, it was also the month of crappy news and bad health for members of my family. I stopped posting images around the 18th as life got in the way, and it just felt inappropriate. My days were mostly spent in the hospital (everything is fine now, just FYI), and my phone was left abandoned in my bag. Christmas was forgotten until December 31st and though it turned out okay and the reasoning behind everything was unquestionable, it was still hard. But alas, I got a few photos in during the beginning of the month and it felt wrong to not finish off this blog series. It's been a hell of a year and I've absolutely loved having a reason to take snapshots of my days. I don't know whether I'll keep this series up in 2018, but for now, here's December.

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