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March was most certainly a memorable month. Not only did I get engaged (not that you know that, right? I've totally kept it on the down low. But if you didn't there's a blog post all about it HERE.), but I left the States to return home. I'd be lying if I said I had wanted to, and I'd also be lying if I said I didn't wish to wield the power of turning back time. But alas, we aren't all skilled humans. All in all, March was a month for the books. Here are my photos of this month:
01/03/2017: Why do you do when your path appears straight but you don't want to take it? When it appears as though your windy path is your future, going down, but you just want to turn around and stay at the top? I need someone to tell me what to do. Because.. I'm lost. Despite the straight path.
02/03/2017: The past hour of my life photographed. I wonder, are days better lived when there is nothing to photograph? When it's just a blur of emotion that can't be visible. Questions, questions.
04/03/2017: Something precious: This was a gift I received off of my mum at Christmas (2016). It's of course St. Christopher, and she gave it me with the sentiment that he resembles safe travels - seen as I seem to be bouncing all over the place lately. It's close to my heart and means a lot. I'm extremely grateful for her. 
05/03/2017: Pretty views with a prettier companion. Yesterday was a peculiar day. The past few days have been peculiar, actually. My mind is muddled. But happy.
06/03/2017: Quotes to live by. This isn't mine (stolen from Google image after finding it on Amazon) but now I really really want this. Tut, Etsy! 
07/03/2017: "Nature does not hurry, and yet everything is accomplished." I fret too much about time. I see it as a ruler between planned good things in life, and refuse to see the possibilities that the emptiness offers. I visualise the time as already used up with waiting, when in reality, I could use those lines between the big moments to create something beautiful. I need to adapt my way of thinking, which is hard when I'm stubborn minded. Blegh. I'll get there.
08/03/2017: This is the outcome of a fidgety Anne waiting for her better half to get home, and procrastinating from writing blog posts. Voila. Time badly spent. Doodling does help calm my mind though when I'm getting overly anxious. I hope to remember that.
09/03/2017: #TBT: Rooms cluttered with books and a weight of love on my heart. Adventuring with a one Mr.@BilliamSWN is never boring and I long for the days where we're able to be together whenever we'd like - distance not even being a second thought. Though I hope to never grow to be unappreciative of his company. I suppose it will become a new normality to be together but I'm almost positive that my heart will hold onto the sparkle it gets when offered the opportunity to see his smile in the morning. I digress. Books, yay!
10/03/2017: New Post: 5 Things Not To Say To Someone With An Invisible Illness || Click HERE to read. This is an oddly personal post, but one I felt the need to write. I hope it helps at least one person feel better in their frustrations, or helps guide someone's loved one to the right words. Let me know your thoughts.
12/03/2017: Took a road trip with the one @BilliamSWN today to visit a supposedly haunted pub. Didn't see any ghosts, but ate a good burger and had the opportunity to watch the sun go down as we drove toward it. A beautiful day.
13/03/2017: So tomorrow is the day I felt home. I'm leaving my little oddball family (yes, that's a puppet. Or as he's known around the black, Henry the Seal.) and going back to my even odder family. It's weird. This entire journey. Huge life changes happened during this trip and I am torn on how to feel. The happiness is overwhelming yet there is an undertone of fear. What if things go wrong? Why do I have to lose something to gain something (that is likely to be better)? I don't know. I'm happy with the man in this photo (the human, not the seal) and that's all I'm going to try to remember. Distance isn't so large.
14/03/2017: Feeling spendy? Shop my blog! I've compiled a list of 45 "preppy inspired" pieces, all of which are under £45! Bargain! Better yet? They're all on ASOS. Have a scroll. I apologise to your wallet in advance. Click HERE to read.
15/03/2017: So I'm home and away from my better half. I dislike it. Everything feels so wrong and distorted. Normal seems wrong. I don't know what to do with myself.
16/03/2017: I miss being able to stand above the ocean and watch how it takes over the sand. The sound of waves rolling in. The eerie silence of people watching the sun go down. The bitter cold that grazes your skin. Everything that amounted to the experience I will continue to long for. If you haven't stood somewhere and watched as the sun disappeared below the water, I recommend you do. It's there offering itself to you everyday, go for it.
17/03/2017: Engagement announcements are always a tricky thing.. I say, never having done it before. It's a big thing. A life changing thing. And it's strange to have to share something that you've kept under wraps for almost 2 weeks with everyone you know. The outcome? Not as bad as I thought. A huge chunk of me was afraid nobody on my side would care too much. Social media is intimidating when you haven't really got close friends.. alas, I worried for nothing. Shocker, right? Oh, yeah. Instagram.. I'm engaged. 
18/03/2017: Obligatory #nofilter selfie because you can't go through life commending others for showing their true selves online without doing it yourself. It's just a face. People see it everyday - made up or not. Life is too darn short and social media seems to just make it smaller. Be brave.
18/03/2017: Happy belated St.Patrick's Day from my little Irish fella! He hopes you all aren't suffering too badly today. 
19/03/2017: NEW POST: "Getting a Tattoo and The Meaning Behind RootingBranches." ||Click HERE to view. This is a super personal post and I hope someone can relate to my tree analogy without thinking me mad. This is a future plan but alas, something I wanted to write about. I'm trying to do that more. Post things that I wholeheartedly want to post - even if a bit conky. Enjoy! And Happy Sunday!
20/03/2017: "I'm going ti try to pay attention to the Spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers, and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen." It's officially the first day of spring (or so Facebook tells me. Surely it can't be wrong.), so here's waiting for the chilly evenings, smell of cut grass in the air, and the view of blossoming flowers. It'll be a beautiful season.
21/03/2017: Throwback: It's been a week since I returned home from my 5 week stay in the States. God, time moves quickly. I remember taking this shot like it was yesterday. Hidden in the corner of SFO airport, waiting for my partner to call when he got back on the road, trying not to cry. I snapped it with the intention of uploading here and being all instagrammy with the caption "#airportbound" but alas, realised my ring was in shot and got too embarrassed to take another as some woman was staring at me. Don't fret Past Anne! Photos can always be recycled for the future throwbacks, Just wish I was still there with the option of getting out of the airport and returning to his arms. We can't win 'em all.
22/03/2017: Pretty engagement flowers off @BilliamSWNs aunt. I hve a fascination with baby's breath flowers. They're so beautiful. Definitely a bouquet necessity. There's a new post on my blog discussing everything engagement accompanied by a snippet of how we're shaping our future. Click HERE to read.
23/03/2017: I'm a vintage/thrifty girl at heart. Give me something with history that's also a bargain? I'm there. This little bag cost me a grand total of £2 in a charity shop. I love it. Being a cheapskate works out a whole lot of the time. The cardigan was free, as I stole it from @BilliamSWN. I really can change my wardrobe on a budget.
24/03/2017: Happy International Puppy Day! If you have any sense at all, stick to the kitties! (I kid, I kid. Okay, kinda. I'm way more of a cat person but dogs aren't overbearing.. once they're out of the puppy stage. That of which Lily is not. God help me.)
25/03/2017: #MarchForMarch: Pretty surroundings accompanied by a heavy heart, I hate the confusion that is visas. I simply want to return to my second home and grow old with a certain gentleman. Is that too much to ask? LDR problems.

26/03/2017: From Where I Sit: Throwing it back to yesterday. I'm enjoying Outlander by Diana Gabladon a whole bunch, but I'm becoming conflicted on the characters. Jamie especially. The "beating" scene bothered me a whole bunch and I'm on the fence about it. I can see it from both sides and although it's a realistic look at that time, Claire's ability to "forgive" or let things slide is starting to weigh on my bothersome side. But this might be a good thing. The book is clearly having an affect on me and a torn mind is proof that a book is more complex than your average "she is good! He is bad!". What are your thoughts?

27/03/2017:  For the Lorelai to my Rory || A new post that you can read HERE. Dedicated to my wonderful Mother. 🌻 Happy Mothers Day to all the mum's out there (biological or not). Whether to a child, a doggy, a kitty, or anything in between. And to all the Grans who watch fondly over their Grandchildren. It's a day to be proud of what you've achieved. 
28/03/2017: It's a bright and crisp Spring day and I'm stuck in the house watching Prison Break. I think I'm doing something wrong.
28/03/2017: Those paws. That face. Them ears. 1, 2, 3... awww! Can you believe he's 6 years old? I would be lost without this little man. He's the only one who will always listen to me, at any time, and won't leave or forget. Pets really can be your sanity. It helps that he's adorable. 
29/03/2017: I introduced @Billiamswn to Moulin Rouge earlier this month. I forgot how much I love this movie. The gut wrenching heartache that the love story brings. The art behind every scene. The clothes. The actors. Gah. I also watched La La Land on the plane home and I fell head over heels for it. Many believe that it's overrated and I guess I can see why, but it didn't stop my enjoyment of it. You have to accept musicals for what they are and look past the minor unrealism. It's a freaking musical for God sake! With La La Land I thoroughly enjoyed the story aspect. The end. The way it was almost a story of the things between your start and end. The smaller things in life that shape everything. The "what if's". I could relate to it all. The love was realistic albeit heartbreaking. The clothes! Okay, I'm done gushing. Musicals = yay! 
29/03/2017: Did y'all know I have a Tumblr account? 'Cause I do. Full of quotes, pretty photos, and cats. Give it a looksy if you'd like. A follow if you're generous! Just type this into your browser. ➡ rootingbranches.tumblr.com 
30/03/2017: Throwback to ancient Castles and newfound love. I can't believe it's already been a year since I had bats in my stomach waiting to meet my love for the first time in April. Since then, so much has happened. I wish I could go back and soothe past Anne's worries. But, more importantly, why does it look like I'm taking his pulse?
31/03/2017: Mini charity shop haul. All coming to the grand total of £3! I will never understand people who look down on thrifty finds, or refuse to buy anything that has been previously owned. Old books need love too! And you're giving money to a charity, which makes it feel more acceptable to get spendy. People confuse me. And yes, I totally bought Wild because of Gilmore Girls.

Next month my goal is to both read and adventure more. Even if it's a short walk to take a snapshot of the world's twiggiest looking tree. Air is what I need, at least, that's what my mind is screaming at me. Here's to a bloody great April. 
- Anne x

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