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If you know me personally and/or you know anyone who has ever tried to buy me a gift, it'll be well within your knowledge that I'm difficult to buy for. I have particular likes and dislikes (who doesn't?), and I'm quite picky when it comes to material things. To go alongside that, I don't treat myself often with a luxurious self-gift as I'm a cheap skate. Yup, I admit it. Heck, a few weeks ago I almost sobbed over spending £5 on a Topshop dress from the charity shop. I'm that girl. I digress, I thought it was about time to gather up a list of my favourite things to 1) help guide gift buyers along, and 2) to make myself realise how much I love these little things and that I ought to indulge sometimes. It's healthy to treat yourself. Hell, the entire world seems to be falling down right in front of our eyes, so we ought to be able to partake in a little self love. Here are things that I don't need in life, but that I enjoy having.

Disclaimer: I hope I get the message behind this post properly across. This is in no way asking for expensive gifts or saying that I'm going to go on a shopping spree and buy all the things. It's merely a list of material items that you may find a little joy in too. Life is more about moments, and I'm fully aware of that. It's all in aid of fun, and blogging. Just sayin'.

Or more specifically their satin and lace chemises. If you want buttery soft PJ's that also gives more support than any bra I have tried, check out this brand. My chest has never felt so comfortable on my skin, come to think of it, nor have it ever felt more uplifted. I'm a strong believer in "Wear something that makes you feel nice, even if you're the only one who gets to see it." Whether that be lingerie, stockings, or fancy smancy nightwear. What I like most about these specific chemises is the cut - it's pure perfection which amounts to a hell of a lot during low confidence days. Hell, I've worn one under my dresses countless times. At over £40 a piece, it is quite the investment. But like with most things, you have to work out whether you'll get your wear out of it for the price. I have easily spent that, if not more, on crappy PJ's that I've hardly worn because they make me feel unpretty and/or they've broken. So, yeah, I'd say it's worth it. I'm definitely going to try out their bras at some point in the near future. Have you tried things from this brand other than nightwear? Let me know!

Who doesn't like a soft glow in the room? This is entirely on my list because of comfort. My mind is a place of absolute chaos 99.9% of the time, and these little tiny dots of warmth help. So who am I to argue? I particularly enjoy doing some yoga at night with the only light source being the fairylights draped over my bookshelves. It's simply calming. If you don't have at least one string of lights in your room, get some. Try it. Read under them. If you hate it, your box of Christmas decorations will thank you.

Gin & Tonic or Gin & Soda tends to be my go-to choice if having a drink at home. I don't have a particular brand favourite - give me a few more years - so I can't pinpoint one and go "Try it!" but alas, Gin = yum. (Drink in moderation/not at all, kids)

In the words of Rachel Berry, 'Sexy Librarian Chic'. That is how I'd happily describe my style. The closest brand I ever found to matching my wardrobe needs was Joy Louche but the price tags put me off more than once. There stepped in Joanie. Affordable clothes that are so freaking pretty I could weep at the screen. I won't, but I could. Petticoats, cat prints, and vibrant colours. Eek! Here are some of my current favourites to lust over.

The weird one on the list, but yeah, I'm a girl who loves some lotion. My favourite being Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Repair. Lotions/body butters can be quite expensive, especially given how often you have to replenish your stock (much like skincare) So it's always worthwhile stocking up when they're on offer or pleasant to receive as a gift. Every few months or so I question my spending on them and instead buy some other brand in Home Bargains or Poundland, and I always regret it. We spend so much on our facial skin, so why do we skimp when it comes the rest of our skin? Anne, always asking the big questions. But yeah, I like lotion.

I can justify this (non)fun one! I take a lot of photos. And when I say photos, I mean photos of my cat. I'm a photo hoarder, I even keep the ones that are a little blurry. It's a problem, but one I am not yet ready to discuss so let's move on. Memory sticks/cards are bloody expensive for what they are. I probably ought to invest in a external hard-drive one day but the thought of having everything important in only one place gives me the heebie jeebies. So for now, I'll stick to the little pieces of memory that I can label as "Bruno: Years 1-3", "Bruno: Years 4-7".

Classic girly investment. We all want to smell nice, and fragrance pretty much covers that (though, you know, let's all keep slapping on the deodorant too). My personal favourite brand is Library of Fragrance due to the countless unique scents they cover - personal favourites being Rain, Rose and Jasmine. Designed to layer over each other, you can have endless fun customising your own personal scent. And at only £15 for 30ml, it isn't going to break the bank.

I'm a doodler. I like drawing meaningless things around the margin of my notebook. I like jotting down quotes and usually trail a graphic on paper before screen. I have many notebooks and am never afraid to splash out a few pounds every now and again on some new ones. But the pens and pencils? Well, let's just say I still doodle with a pencil that I had in primary school and I stole my favourite pen from my fiance. I currently have my eye on the sets listed below on Amazon but I would love some recommendations.

What are some of your favourite material things? How do you like to treat yourself?
Have I caused Madonna to be stuck in your head now? I'm sorry! 

- Anne x

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