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Style is a personal thing. We know what looks good on our bodies and tend to not stray from that safety net. But we all have those days where we look at our wardrobe and sigh over how predictable and/or familiar it is. In those moments we look to others for inspiration - whether that be in a magazine, bloggers, well known style icons, or even our friends. But I, like many, tend to look to the fictional women in my life. Being a TV show gal at heart, I find it easier to grow to love someone's style on screen rather than only spotting a new outfit every now and again on Instagram, plus I'm a strong believer in finding style icons with a somewhat similar body shape/height as you, which makes it an easier process. It's all well and good to look at Kate Moss for an outfit idea but let's face it, is that high neck crop top and trumpet skirt really going to look good on 5'3" me? Yeah, no. Not likely. I feel better looking at someone's style and knowing that it wouldn't look completely off on my body shape. So in those moments of dire need, I pull up Google Images and search for my favourite characters and then stare longingly at the clothes they don. It's a terribly lonely process, so let's now do it together. Yay! Here are my...

"Sexy librarian chic" answers Berry when asked to describe her style, and you can't really argue with that. I've adored Rachel's clothing since I saw my first episode of Glee when it aired on Channel 4 six years ago (I know, I'm crying over how fast that time has gone too). With chunky sweaters and mini skirts, you can't really call season 1 Rachel a fashion icon, though I did always have a secret love for the reindeer sweaters and white tights. But as the seasons went on, her style evolution was something to be admired. What I loved most about her wardrobe was how easy it was to replicate - her style being mostly built around basics that you can get for any price you choose. Berry is a queen and if I could steal anyone's wardrobe, it would be hers. (Minus the H&M pieces that I've already managed to snag on Ebay.)
BLAIR WALDORF || Gossip Girl
If you've ever Googled "Top Style Icons on TV" Blair Waldorf is usually spotted somewhere around the top. Unlike Rachel Berry, Blair's closet is compiled of patterns and textures and makes for more of an unattainable but admirable style. Due to being British, I particularly adore her outerwear and fondness of stockings and various hats, after all, it can be bloody hard to feel put together and stylish when you're wearing 35 layers. I've found inspiration in Blair's outfits more often than I'd care to admit and though I may not be able to always polish off a look with six inch heels, I sure can match my hat to my shoes.
SPENCER HASTINGS || Pretty Little Liars
She has always been my gamble when it comes to fashion. With her slim physic and height going against me, I'm always cautious when mirroring Spencer Hastings style. The only lady on my list who is miles from wearing anything I can replicate. I was unsure of whether I ought to include her, but then I thought of all the fashion tips I have taken from the character over the years - such as, it's okay to wear something super baggy if you makes you comfortable. It's okay to belt a cardigan, and PS: cardigans go with everything. And most importantly, it's okay to be little too dressed up for an occasion. I have many items of clothing in my wardrobe that don't really fit with my daily lifestyle, but I'm learning that it's okay to wear them just for an outing to the local shop or a thrifty hunt. Who cares? If you feel put together and somewhat pretty, go for it. 
 LOUISA CLARKE || Me Before You
The only character from a movie (and book) on the list, but how can you not admire Lou and her wacky wardrobe? Now I'll admit that at least half of the outfits in Me Before You were questionable as all heck, but the few good ones marginally made up for it. With funky skirts and all the collars you could possibly want, how can you not fall it's charm?
 CLARA OSWALD || Doctor Who
I was thoroughly disappointed when Clara's fashion choices changed during her last season of the show. But alas, there were a few gems hidden among the questionable. This is another choice of mine partly due to the height/body shape similarities. I have gained a fair few outfits that I never would of tried if it hadn't been for seeing Jenna Coleman's character wearing something of the sort. Plus I may of also chopped my hair off thanks to her. So, yeah, just keep talking me out of getting bangs, people. 
The Ones That Almost Made The Cut: 

JESS DAY || New Girl
I really wanted to add Jess on my list, due to my regular Googling of Zooey's outfits - on AND off screen. But to be 110% honest, I've never seen an episode of New Girl. If I had, I imagine she would be much further up this life. Possibly snagging 2nd place.
(I repeat: Keep talking me out of getting bangs!!)
MELINDA WARREN || Ghost Whisperer
BROOKE DAVIS || One Tree Hill
RORY GILMORE || Gilmore Girls
Who are your style icons? Do you look to fictional characters? 
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- Anne x

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