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July 2017 was the first month that I spent entirely in the USA. And boy, has it been an interesting experience. I've been happy for a good portion of this month and it's been equally thrilling as bewildering. I don't know whether it's because I'm adjusting to my surroundings or if it's just plain ol' stupidity, but my mind is currently taking over a little too much for my liking. So I vow to zip that trap shut in August. Alas, lets concentrate on the good. This month saw my first ever 4th of July bash, which included as much food and beer as shown on TV shows. I found a somewhat rhythm to my blog, that is particularly refreshing as I'm now slowly working my way through the "draft" section. Books have certainly been a reoccurring theme as I - well, my kind fiancé - bought over 50 used books from various libraries and recycled book stores to see us through any possible zombie apocalypse, twice over. I've rekindled my love for photo taking and looked into delving headfirst into the world of bullet journals. I guess you could say this has been a month for including new things into my life. It's been a good one. Here's July:
02/07/2017: Currently Reading: Massive by Julia Bell. A short book tackling the subject of ED's and how they affect both the individual and those surrounding them. I'm roughly 70 pages in and am currently enjoying it. May write up a review once I'm done as I hadn't heard about the book until I stumbled across it in a charity shop. (Click HERE to read my review)
03/07/2017: Sleepy kitties are the cutest of kitties. True story.
04/07/2017: Happy 4th of July! As I'm currently with @billiamswn in California, I have the opportunity to celebrate a holiday that I've never even paid attention to before (obviously, way smart, Anne). So, yay, exciting! From what I've gathered thus far, it's mostly about family and food. Two things I'm always down for.
05/04/2017: New Post: "2017 Book Wrap-Up: January - June" || Click HERE to view. I started the year wanting to read 50 books. We've surpassed the midway point, so how am I doing? Check out my post to see! Disclaimer: photo not mine.
06/07/2017: Is there anything more refreshing than new notebooks? It's like a clean slate for the mind (and hands).
07/07/2017: Black truffle and garlic fries, fish & chips (yuk) with lots of coleslaw (yum), and cocktails. What more can a couple want for a date night? We also caught Spider Man: Homecoming today and it was a Web of fun. Get it? Yeah, I'll leave. What's your ideal date? 
08/07/2017: I went for a super short hike (? Kind of. Just down and up a hill. Kinda counts. Ish.) earlier, and stood beneath many redwood trees. There is nothing quite like it.
09/07/2017: Ocean views with @billiamswn. The peacefulness that is this never gets old. 
10/07/2017: 'I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy."' - Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar.
10/07/2017: I finished The Martian the other day after having it on my TBR for what felt like years (let's face it, with the speed of which the years are passing, it probably was). Worth the wait? Most definitely. Mark is a great character and this is a first science fiction novel that I've read from a man's POV. So that was a nice change. I enjoyed the journal aspect of it the most, which is surprising as I usually find that in a book annoying as it prohibits me from bonding with any other character than the main. Have you read it? What did you think?
11/07/2017: Little bowl of happy. This is a way better take on the "taste the rainbow" thing. 
11/07/2017: This was a snapshot of my face (wow, spoiler) from earlier. Today was a good day, despite the current pain situation. chronic pain and fibromyalgia both suck, as do most invisible illnesses. It feels like a creature living inside your body not daring to show its ugly face to the world, but oh yeah, you definitely know it's there. I thank the Lord for @billiamswn and his unwavering understanding and help. But anyway, back on topic, yay for day trips! 
12/07/2017: How dreamy is this used bookstore? There was meant to be a kitty roaming but we (@billiamswn and I) didn't see him/her. Sad times. Shelf goals though.
13/07/2017: This is an accurate representation of how I feel right now. Thank you, Charlie. 
14/07/2017: Do you want to know how to make a cottage cheese and broccoli breakfast bake? Of course you do! Because it's yummy! Click HERE to view. 
15/07/2017: "Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better." I feel like life is currently on a ticking clock counting down and I hate it. I hate that changes are so often here that you can never really seem to gather your bearings. I just want time to stand still for a little while.
16/07/2017: New Post: "The Second Collective Book Haul" || Click HERE to view. It's been years since I discovered the haul side of Youtube and thus the blogger side, yet I still have a fascination with seeing what people have bought - especially when it's books or clothes. What type of posts/videos never get old for you? 
17/07/2017: Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that I haven't killed mine and @billiamswn's second child Henry 2.0, despite the fact I sleep in the same room as him? Go me! The curse must be on my mother, and not my plant loving soul. (No, fiance. That doesn't mean you can bring home another. Our room will resemble a scene from The Jungle Book.) 
18/07/2017: Currently Reading: The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. So far I'm liking it! It's written in a rather poetic way and the characters don't seem annoying. Yay! Have you read it? What did you think?
19/07/2017: American sizings never seem to not astound me. My mouth is happy for it though. 
20/07/2017: New Post: "Massive by Julia Bell || [spoiler-free review]" || Click HERE to read. I hadn't heard of this book prior to picking it up in a charity shop. Covering the topic of a teenage girl's fall into an eating disorder and the mistakes it takes to get there, Massive isn't your lighthearted tale, but nothing written about this topic should be. Due to the current online controversy surrounding To The Bone, I thought now would be a good time to give you an alternative option. Have you seen the movie? What did you think?
21/07/2017: Do you like movies? Do you like podcasts? Do you like nerdy stuff? Boy, do I have the greatest suggestion for you... *drum roll*... Future Flicks@somenerds very own @billiamswn has a podcast that now has over 50 episodes! Find out what is getting released on the big screen each week and get a glimpse into the future of the movie world (Get it? Future? Talking about flicks? Future flicks). You can check it out on any podcast listening app or just click HERE to view on the official SomewhatNerdy site. You can thank me later.
22/07/2017: American gets merged with an Irish fella. Who isn't a cat person? How is that even a thing? Look at their little faces. *grabby hands* 
23/07/2017: Take me back to cheese, avocado, sprouts, red onion and mustard filled bagels on a park bench. Why do we take photos of our food? It feels a little like torture when you scroll past something yummy but can't have it. Damn you, modern world.
24/07/2017: Anniversary flowers is only one of the many kind gestures my better half does. I'm incredibly lucky and I am unashamed to yell that from rooftops (depending of course on how tall the building is, I mean, I'm not insane). I've been thinking of doing some wedding related posts on my blog, as in what style of dresses I've been admiring/flower arrangements/ideas/ favourite sites to browse/yada,yada. But I don't know whether it's content people would enjoy to read as nothing is set in stone yet. What do you think? I'd appreciate feedback. 
25/07/2017: Minor sneak peek at an upcoming haul. Which are new? Which are rented? Oooooohhhh. The mystery. But seriously, I love library discount stores. 50c for a book? I'm down. My poor suitcase. What do you tend to buy on vacation? 
26/07/2017: “... you can only hope that in those moments of dark reflection ... that you are not alone ...” - Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill. 
27/07/2017: Am I a sandwich girl now? Because.. plot twist.
28/07/2017: New Post: "Material Girl in a Material World" || Click HERE to view! I have a lotion fetish. Okay, wrong wording. But I really enjoy lathering my skin up with something that smells nice and makes me feel like a butter stick (I'm Hannibal's dream gal.. yay?). These were a kind gift from my fiance's family and I forgot how soothing the more natural lotions can be. One of the many items that makes my newest blog post. Be sure to check it out! And do you have a favourite lotion? Let me know! 
29/07/2017: Happy Caturday! I'm missing my little fella more than words can express, though Charlie (the cat in the photo) is being a great distraction. He meows.. a lot. Hard to feel lonely with that background noise. 
30/07/2017: After finishing The Secret Life Of Bees I'm going to be picking up this YA favourite. I've heard a lot of good things and the movie is meant to be quite alright too - especially for an adaptation. Have you read Everything Everything? What did you think, if you have? The cover is beautiful.
31/07/2017: Just call me the homemade breakfast queen. (She says after burning one pancake, getting another two stuck together and then finishing it off by burning 2 slices of toast. Smooth.) But yum! Now for the big question... British or American pancakes? Which is your pick?

And there we have it! There have certainly been many book photos and food this month, aye? I'll try and branch out a little next month. Pinkie swear! 

What's been your highlight of this month? Let me know!

- Anne x


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