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Here we are, the last installment of my Photo Per Day series. 'Twas the month of Christmas trees, Baileys, and Santa visits but to be honest, for me, it was also the month of crappy news and bad health for members of my family. I stopped posting images around the 18th as life got in the way, and it just felt inappropriate. My days were mostly spent in the hospital (everything is fine now, just FYI), and my phone was left abandoned in my bag. Christmas was forgotten until December 31st and though it turned out okay and the reasoning behind everything was unquestionable, it was still hard. But alas, I got a few photos in during the beginning of the month and it felt wrong to not finish off this blog series. It's been a hell of a year and I've absolutely loved having a reason to take snapshots of my days. I don't know whether I'll keep this series up in 2018, but for now, here's December.

01/12/2017: It's December 1st. You know what that means! Time to wake up and have mini chocolates for breakfast. Whoop. When I was younger, my dog Jess used to have her own and as soon as I'd wake up for school, she'd be pestering me to go downstairs so we could have our treats. I miss that. It makes me kinda sad that now with all the fancy calenders out there, the mere joy I had a child to get my little chocolate everyday is somewhat ending for other generations. The tradition has gotten too big and lost the magic because of that. Nothing is simple anymore.
02/12/2017: I really enjoyed Kindred. It was a great surprise. What are you currently reading?
03/12/2017: I adore my Asda mug. It's so cute. What better way is there to drink your coffee?
04/12/2017: I've been really enjoying lighting candles at night. Especially for when I'm reading in bed. Nothing says relaxation like some mood lighting. 
05/12/2017: 'Tis the Season For Christmas Jumpers! 🎄 Check out my current online picks by clicking HERE! Disclaimer: photo sadly not mine.
07/12/2017: I have a tradition of buying my mum a new bauble and putting it in her stocking to be opened Christmas morning. I love little things like that about this time of year. What traditions do you have? 
08/12/2017: There's a third book coming out in the Me Before You series? Mind blown. I definitely need more Lou in my life. 
09/12/2017: Forever my favourite Christmas photo that I will repost multiple times. I can't handle his cuteness. A pet really can make a day worthwhile. 
10/09/2017: You know that feeling you get when a book you've been waiting for is finally ready to be picked up from the library? Yeah, that. Whoop. Looking forward to giving this a read as I've heard so many good things from a mental health standpoint. I've never been a huge John Green book lover, but this is one I'm excited for.
11/12/2017: Kitties and Christmas, oh my. Gifted by the lovely @BilliamSWN.
13/12/2017: Who doesn't love a Christmas movie? I'll admit that they're my ultimate guilty pleasure. If I'm feeling sad in March, I will put The Santa Clause on and forget my worries. But there are so many movies out there that go unappreciated, so be sure to check out my list of the top ones that flew under the radar. Click HERE to read. PS: How cute does little Sammy look here?
14/12/2017: I can't handle the cuteness.
16/12/2017: Once again throwing it back to the highlight of my fashion days. Vintage glasses, Christmas jumpers and collars. Oh my. 
17/12/2017: This quote was at the front of the book I'm ready and it made me giggle. Yeah, there's no more to this story.
18/12/2017: Lovin' these shoes from Everything5Pounds. I'm really enjoying the vintage style lately thanks to so many Insta accounts that explore different eras of fashion. Plus, ya know, if these weren't so high, they'd be a great edition to my elf costume.
20/12/2017: I broke my bath bomb virginity the other day. Yup, that's right. I had never tried one before. For my first I chose the "rose" one out of this wonderful Grace & Stella set and it was wonderful. Couldn't recommend this brand more. 

31/12/2017: Because I like to follow the crowd (and not at all because I'm like a cat when it comes to curiosity). Thank you so much for every person that has liked anything I've posted this year. I've really grown to love Instagram as a community. 💛

Happy New Year, everyone.

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