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Prior to trying these Grace & Stella CO bath bombs, I'll admit to never having tried a bath bomb. In fact, I don't think I had ever held one in real life. Blogger sin! Speaking of, despite the many hours of Lush Hauls I've clocked in via Youtuber, I have never stepped foot inside one of those stores (which is probably a good thing as I don't think my nose or head could take it. So fumy). This set of 9 bath bombs caught my attention as they were on Amazon and shockingly affordable for the quantity. Plus, yeah, the yellow of the box swayed me. No, but really, the fact that they were organic and natural entirely swayed my decision as my skin is one sensitive creature and doesn't like anything too harsh.

Upon first impression, the box seemed huge and really sturdy which was a pleasant surprise as a large part of me was expecting Styrofoam or whatnot. Instead came a box that could easily be reused, yay! The smell was already wafting to me. Each bath bomb is around the size of a tennis ball, and wrapped in both brown paper and tight plastic wrap to conceal the smell and freshness (which is rather confusing as the box smelt lovely, but yeah). The kit contains 9 bath bombs which all have a different fragrance and "use", which I thought was an absolutely lovely touch.

Jasmine: Rejuvenate 
Vanilla: Harmony
Coconut: Moisturising
Red Rose: Good Vibes
Grapefruit: Energize 
Lemon: Refresh
Lavender: Keep Calm
Peppermint: Relax
Chamomile: Wellness

The first I tried was "Red Rose", I wasn't entirely sure whether these would colour the water as it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging or on the Amazon description. Alas, when I dropped the bomb into some hot water, I was greeted by some faintly pink water which was lovely. The smell didn't linger in the tub, which is a shame, but the moisturising aspects of the bath bomb were most definitely in full swing. Never before has my skin felt so incredibly smooth and plump after getting out a bath.

All in all, I'm really excited to keep trying these Bath Bombs and it's definitely opened my eyes to the world of coloured baths. I'm currently on the lookout for one that will make the bath water a vibrant bright blue, like the kind of ocean you want to dive in. So, suggestions would be extremely helpful.

What's your favourite indulgent product for bath times?


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