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I enjoy my monthly Birchbox subscription. Beauty boxes tend to have an 'eh' reputation in the Blogosphere but I think that's partly down to the many sponsored posts/videos we were bombarded with during the early days of bloggers beginning to get paid. I finally took the plunge in trying out Birchbox when I started to get into skincare but didn't really know what brands to try. Since then, I have kept up with my subscription as I found myself actually using and loving a good portion of the products that I receive. At the off chance that you've been debating whether or not to sign up for yourself, I thought it may be interesting to do an insiders look into a box every now and again. Without further ado, this is what was in August's box.

Product: Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment 
Full-size details: 118ml, $28 
Sample size received: 30ml
Comb a pea sized amount through damp hair and in return receive volume, colour protection, softness, UV rays blockage, and protection from heat damage! This is a multi use product at it's finest and I'm looking forward to seeing how my hair takes it. The size is rather generous so I foresee it lasting me over a month, especially as I wouldn't choose to use something like this after every shower.

Product: Dating Game Lipstick - Bad Boy
Full-sized details: $24
Sample size received: Full sized.
I've received many full-sized makeup products in Birchbox, which is always a perk. This lipstick is great and the price alone pays for the monthly box. However, I find the colour choice peculiar. I would've preferred a more versatile shade. 

Brand: COOLA
Product: Dawn Patrol Classic Primer SPF 30
Full-sized details: 30ml, $42
Sample size received: 5ml
Near enough every month includes a primer or moisturiser, which is (sadly) my favourite part. Each one tends to be 30ml and lasts me exactly a month - it's almost witchcraft. Coola is a regular brand that gets included. With it's added SPF, I can't complain. 

Product: Gel Sculpt - Silhouette
Full-sized details: 8g, $32
Sample size received: 4g
This is the risk product of the box, at least in my opinion. Not many of us contour, and the shade of something like this is of course a personal choice. The formula is soft and blends rather easily, however I'm not sure how often I'd reach for this.

Product: Vanilla Vibes Eau de Parfum
Full-sized details: 100ml, $135
Sample size received: Standard sample perfume spray.
Perfume samples are always hit or miss with recipients, as many put them in a drawer and proceed to forget about their existence. I personally love them as I haven't yet found my "signature scent". If I were more wealthy, this would undoubtedly be it. 

Product: Waterproof Eyeliner - Acajou
Full-sized details: $24
Sample size received: Travel sized
A similar situation as with the contour stick, this is a risk product. However, I think an eye-liner is far more simple to introduce to your daily makeup routine.

Have you tried Birchbox or another beauty box? Let me know! 

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