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As a wedding gift, a family friend gave me and my husband a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond. Knowing that one day we would use it toward something special (and necessary), we set it aside. Cut to a year later and we spent it on a litter genie. Okay, kidding, kind of. We got a handheld vaccum but it happened to be on sale so we had a couple gift card bucks spare. Now, we could've gotten something practical like wooden spoons so we could retire out half melted plastic ones, but who needs that kind of common sense in life? 

Having recent issues with our own litter system, we took the plunge and got the Litter Genie Plus. At a shocking $14.99 (expensive for a piece of plastic that you literally put cat poop in), we crossed our fingers and hoped for a miracle. Here's our review.

What's Included?
  • Litter Genie
  • Scoop
  • Scoop Holder
  • x1 Convenience Odor Control Refill  (Bags made boozy, basically)

The method to this madness goes as follows: Scoop your kitties "treasure", lift the black flap and drop it in, pull the black bar handle to deposit into the lower half of the genie, and voila. You're done. To empty, lift the upper half open (by merely lifting it up), slide the bag through a cutter that it is already attached to, tie and throw away. Pretty darn easy. This was a major upside as we half expected it to be overly complicated.

We have two young cats, Lea and Dresden, and one of our main concerns going into this "investment" was whether it'd be suitable for two cats. We didn't want to have to change it every few days, as that seemed tedious. Since trailing for over a month I can happily report that for us personally it needs changing once a week. So if you're blessed with one singular cat who doesn't happen to chase it's sibling around the house at 4am, this ought to only need changing every fortnight or so. Not too bad.

The next question I would personally want answered would be the so-called 'odor control'. Though cats are great pets as you needn't walk them so they can go potty, they can leave a rather unpleasant smell. It's to be expected, after all, their version of a flush is us. The Litter Genie is odor free. It helps lock in the smell surprisingly well. If you want further insurance, perhaps let it air out for an hour after each bag change. It can't hurt and could add to the lasting ability, speaking of...

This isn't something that is going to last for a lifetime, but if treated well, it can very well last you for years. The system is foolproof. However, it is down to two tiny screws to keep this entire potty together. You open by lifting the top half of the genie back, but if you accidentally forget that and lift the entire thing by simply picking it up via the handle or upper half, I'm pretty darn sure it could just break in two. Plastic snaps way too easy, so it doesn't seem overly sturdy. 

The other quim would be the bags, otherwise known as the Litter Genie Ultimate Cat Litter Odor Control Refill, 14 Foot. These are a waste of plastic, no doubt about that. And for a mere two refills, it equals the price of the potty. The upside of this is that you don't necessarily need the bags for the system to have the same effect. Your only loss would be the snazzy bag cutter and perhaps the ability to throw away the bag without getting icky. I can't yet comment on how long each refill lasts, as we're still in the process of using up our free one. But still, if you'd be interested in the refills, it's definitely something to consider.

All in all, I think this is worth the price tag if you're either struggling with your current litter system or are limited with space and would prefer something sleek and less icky than your current litter trash. My only question would be the durability but that is something that can only be answered with time. I'm happy we got this, and I would 100% recommend a friend to buy it. Is it a necessary with a cat? No absolutely not. Does it make life easier? Undoubtedly. 

Have you tried either the litter potty or the diaper potty? Let me know your thoughts! Have any further questions? Don't hesitate to ask! Drop me a question here, on Twitter, or on Instagram

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