Cocktails To Make This Halloween


Cocktails are fun to play around with. What better time to get creative than the spooky season? However, these all suit the mood of Autumn so don't be discouraged if it's November 12th. Still be ure to give them a go and give me your thoughts! The measurements are a bit cray-cray as I mostly eyeball anything that resembles food or drink. Do it to your own taste!

Trick 'R Treat

Inspired by the Larry mixed drink that my husband often makes us learnt from the Watch Your Mouth crew, this has a similar taste profile though I find the added kick from the fireball makes it more Halloween inspired. The cherries floating at the bottom of your glass is the treat you need after the.. well.. treat of the drink. This has no tricks. Though if you're throwing a party and want to surprise people, maybe put in an olive amidst the cherries. There's a trick.

• 2/3 Orange Soda
• 1/3 Fireball Whiskey
• Handful of Maraschino Cherries


For the Ghostbusters you could easily swap out the rum for vodka, if you favour that taste more. It's entirely your preference. If you're old school American and still want the taste of Ecto Cooler, you could even mix some peach schnapps and lemon&lime soda together and create something that vaguely tastes similar to the throwback. I wanted to freeze the gummy bears into cubes of ice but time wasn't on my side, so just imagine the little bears floating around in their ice prisons.  

• Lemon&Lime Soda
• 1 Shot Spiced Rum
• Green Gummy Bears (preferably frozen in ice cubes)

Hocus Pocus

I really wanted to create a purple cocktail for this list as the colour screams witchy goodness. However, I couldn't find anything suitable. So, I semi cheated and added a dash of Grape Fanta that we had sitting in the fridge to create the almost lilac shade. You could instead use a drop of food colouring. Though I've recently fallen off the gin loving bandwagon, it still pairs perfectly with the Scrappy's Lavender Bitters that I've been obsessed with.

• 2/3 Soda/Tonic Water
• 1/3 Gin
• Couple dashes of Lavender Bitters
• Pixy Stick/Sherbet (optional glass rim decoration)

Do any of these strike your fancy? What's your go-to seasonal cocktail? I'd love to know!

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