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This months 'Inside Birchbox' is very late. I was out of the country for most of the month (update coming soon) so I was unable to open my box until now. Better late than never? I did once again choose a curated box. Here's what was in my October box:

Brand: Balance Me : natural skincare
Product: Wonder Eye Cream
Full-sized details: 15ml, $29.00
Sample size received: 7ml
My curated box this month was heavy on the skincare products, which I love. As I haven't yet found a holy grail eye cream, it's always enjoyable getting to try out different ones. I have received a Balance Me eye cream in a previous box, but not this version. I remember it lasting me at least 6 weeks, which is always a bonus. 

Brand: 11 11 
Product: Fragrance Oil
Full-sized details: 0.3oz, $48.00
Sample size received:  1.2ml
Due to my lack of savings, fragrance always takes a backseat in my 'to buy' list. So I really enjoy getting samples of different perfumes. This scent is not as addictive as the 'Juliet Has A Gun' sample I received in my August Box, but it is nice. I especially like that it's an oil, thus much easier to get out of the little tube without spillage. 

Brand: Air Repair
Product: Complexion-Boosting Moisturiser
Full-sized details: 2oz, $23.00
Sample size received: 7ml
This is a repeat product that I've receive a fair few times in my Birchbox. I don't mind it, but it isn't my favourite moisturiser. The scent is quite talc-like which I find a tad off putting. It does make my skin feel softer though, just no huge visible results unlike some I've used in the past.

Brand: Naturelab Tokyo
Product: Perfect Shine Oil Mist
Full-sized details: 120ml, $16.00
Sample size received: 30ml
These type of products are my favourite to receive as I enjoy using things like this, but would never pay full price without trying it out first. This is a hefty sample size, which I'm grateful for. Upon first impression, the smell is great (very salon like) and it made my hair instantly feel more conditioned without resulting in an oily look. Can't wait to try it out further.

Brand: Dr. Lipp
Product: Moisturising Colour Tint - Sweet Potato
Full-sized details: 8ml, $7.99
Sample size received: 3ml
In the same boat as the moisturiser, I've received a Dr. Lipp product before. I'm still torn on whether I like the texture of this extra thick lip balm, as it is very sticky and doesn't really sink into the lips well. 

Brand: Saint Jane
Product: Luxury CBD Beauty Serum 
Full-sized details: 30ml, $125
Sample size received: 3ml
This was the swaying product for me in deciding to choose this curated box. It's just fun to try out a (likely) very overpriced product, especially skincare. This bottle may be the cutest sample I've ever had in a Birchbox, and I appreciate the little applicator. My tiny sample sized amount of product is worth $12, which practically pays for this month's box. Insane. Can't wait to try!

So there was October. I already have an eye on which box I want to choose for November, so wish me luck in remembering to choose on time! Do you pay for any subscription boxes? Let me know!

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