3 Makeup Products I Will Always Repurchase


Repurchasing seems like a no-go in the beauty community. It seems like every guru I watch has a constant rotation of new products going through their routine. I, however, am poor and a creature of habit. I like trusting products and sticking by them. Here are just a few of my all-time favourites that I've repurchased at least 5 times a piece. Surprisingly as I was putting this list together, I realised that all 3 were by the same brand. Originally this was a list of 5 products, but having since learnt that Maybelline isn't cruelty-free I refuse to push or repurchase their products. So, I guess this is a favourites with a spotlight on the drugstore brand Collection.

In the early days of the beauty community on Youtube, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer was the most hyped product... ever. Every single British Youtuber I watched used this product and raved about it. One might say it was concealed from no one.. heh.. heh... no? It was the first ever concealer I used, and though I've tried a multitude since my early teens, I continue to stand by this affordable gem. The lightest shade is really great for me, especially for a drugstore brand that doesn't necessarily have a greatly diverse colour range ( a low point, granted), and it's cruelty-free which is something I'm really making an effort to look into when it comes to repurchases. As I now live in the US, I make sure to stock up on this product when visiting home. My suitcase is practically brimming with them.

Since the beauty community has grown into it's own and thus made the beauty world expand to such a ridiculous amount, it can be really daunting to even start looking for a palette. It's now a rabbit hole that can cause you to lose hours, and likely come out with a colour range that isn't realistically wearable day-to-day. On my last trip home, I faced the fear of every traveller.. my luggage was lost. The drama. Thankfully, as it wasn't necessarily a vacation and my case turned up 7 days later, this story doesn't have a devastating ending. But for those 7 days of family visits, trips out, and selfies, I needed my brow game back. So I bought my old trusted Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze. It was cheap, had what I wanted, and I knew it wasn't glittery. Score. But surprisingly I've fallen back in love with this nude to brown simplistic kit. It has everything I need to create a suitable daily neutral look, and yet it can be transformed into a smoky eye by nightfall. I've also been using the lightest shade to powder my nose and forehead, and it's been working wonderfully. No caking, or clumping. I would highly recommend!

And more Collection, I seem to really like this brand, huh? The Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner is my second all time favourite liquid eye-liner. The first being the Eyeko but coming at a whooping $22, it doesn't necessarily fit into my daily routine. This collection one however is incredible for the price. It doesn't move at all, is easy to apply after you get familiar with the skinny wand, and doesn't dry out quickly. In fact, I usually have to throw out the product due to it being open for too long not because it gets clumpy.

As I'm no longer repurchasing Maybelline I would absolutely love drugstore mascara and tinted lip balm recommendations! Please leave them below or tweet me at @RootingBranches.

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