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We're all guilty of spending a little too much on Amazon, especially when we're a part of Prime. It's a right of passage to grimace each month when you look at your order history and realise that most of the things weren't actually that necessary. I thought it'd be a fun post to share with you my recent purchases and semi shame myself. This is a 'haul' of the things I've bought from Amazon over the past 8 weeks, enjoy!

For past few years I've been trying to dabble in the world of watercolour painting, but it's definitely a wormhole with far too many options on Amazon. I truly didn't know where to start and my wallet was reluctant to take a hit for a hobby that I might not stick with. However, it's been on my mind for so long that I just took the plunge with some birthday money that's been put aside. Have I yet to have a proper play with my pocketbook Winsor & Newton? No, no I have not. Because I'm afraid to mess it up. Look at the reds! So messy. Yup, so much logic. But I went with this brand as it had the best reviews for the midway price point. The palette itself is incredibly well made and the colours, though boring, all seem great for their intended use. I'm also very appreciative of the colour guide you receive, as pictured below. All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase and will definitely play around with it soon. I'll probably upload my results (failure or not) on my Instagram RootingBranches.

In a similar theme to the paints, I bought yarn. And no, not for my cats, which would probably be your first guess. I'm an old soul and really want to get into either knitting or crochet, not sure which yet as I haven't fully learnt the difference. My goal is to both make adorable hats and strengthen my wrists that are shockingly weak due to Fibromyalgia. Wish me luck! This mustard colour was a must.

A phone tripod? Okay, I was sucked into a daily deal. But in my defence, I have wanted something like this for a while now to make it easier to take family photos, especially with the cats. This UBeesize tripod (usually priced at $24.99 but I nabbed it for $12.99) fits the bill perfectly. It's sturdy, easy to use, and has a bluetooth remote that hasn't glitched once - even the process of syncing it with my phone was a breeze. So though unnecessary, a very fun product that will make aspects of my life easier.

The thought of cutting my cats nails fills me with the kind of fear that rivals that of tripping as you try to sleep. For months I've been putting it off, but my female cat's paws were having non of it. As both my American cats are indoor only, their side claws don't get filed as they should, so we have to take it into our own hands.. doom, doom I say. We basically bought the best reviewed nail clippers on the market that weren't huge or stupidly priced. Pet Republique has a good reputation and the thousand positive reviews swayed us to go with them. They work perfectly, and though the process is still mighty terrifying, it's not difficult in the slightest and my cat isn't even bothered.

Time for the most exciting purchase... deodorant! Who doesn't love a good deodorant recommendation? I'm actually seriously asking this. It took me years to find a product that ticked all the boxes. I didn't want anything perfumed, something that would keep my underarms dry without powder residue, and most importantly, something that worked without me having to reapply multiple times a day. Mitchum is that brand for me. The Amazon duo pack is a much better deal than buying from a drugstore, working out at only $2.50 a piece. Forever repurchasing. (My husband has also tried the 'sport' variety and liked it.)

What was the last thing you ordered from our favourite site? Let me know!

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