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By now, you know the drill. I enjoy my Birchbox subscription and like to show you what I receive each month in a bid to help you decide whether this is a beauty box that would benefit you. Did I remember to choose a curated beauty box for April after my mishap in March? No, no I did not. So instead we had another month of surprise products, which is both fun and terrifying. $15 may not seem like a lot to some people, but I personally want to only receive beauty products each month that I can foresee myself using up by the time next month's Birchbox lands in my mailbox. Did this one seem worthwhile to me? Read on to find out.

Brand: Beauty Protector
Product: Protect & Oil
Full-sized details:  $28
Sample size received: Doesn't have the amount on the bottle, but I'm assuming 15ml.
This argan oil for your hair is said to go a long way as it's recommended you only use 1-3 drops per use on damp hair. I've said it before but I'll say it again, though I do enjoy receiving hair care products in my box it sometimes feels like overkill when there are multiple items. I don't go through oils, serums, or hair creams fast enough to make it worthwhile. I've only received hairspray and a heat protector once, which I think would be the most beneficial of the hair care family as it'd be something you could use daily. Will I use this? Yes, but I may not need to open it for awhile. 

Brand: Marcelle
Product: BB Cream Golden Glow
Full-sized details: $29
Sample size received: 7ml
This is probably my second favourite product in this box. I enjoy receiving these type of makeup products as it's something I might actually contemplate buying full-sized. However, I'm not entirely sure how the shade works. Whether it's a 'one shade for all' deal as it can be worn as a makeup base, or if it's dependant on what you've put on your Birchbox makeup profile. If you know, please tell me.

Brand: NatureLab TOKYO
Product: Perfect Smooth Blowout Lotion
Full-sized details: $12
Sample size received: 30ml
This is a take it or leave it product. It's affordable, which I guess is a good thing if you really like it, but it's not exactly what I hope to get in my monthly box. It smells orangey, doesn't have a very clean ingredient list, and doesn't quite appeal to me. The packaging is also just 'meh'. Definitely the low point of my April box.

Brand: Stila Cosmetics
Product: Beauty Boss Lip Gloss - Synergy
Full-sized details: $15
Sample size received: ?
Over the past year or so, there's been many Stila products in my Birchboxes. I like the brand, I think their lip products have great staying power and the packaging is always appealing. It's always a risk receiving lip colours as it may not be to your liking, which begs the question, will I actually wear this? I'm not sure. But I'm excited to give it a go. 

Brand: Sunday Riley
Product: Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment 
Full-sized details: $85
Sample size received: 5ml
I love this skincare brand. I find their products show me results without weeks of usage, and they feel like a luxurious treat to try as the full-size pricing can be quite steep. 5ml skincare products like this will usually last me until my next box, which I personally appreciate. It's a great way of trying different skincare brands but not just for a one-off use that won't really sell you on anything. 

All in all, this was a mixed box. I will make it my mission to have more control over my May box, I just need a fair few alarms as the curated boxes sell out shockingly fast. Which product from this box would you be interested in trying? 

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