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Some time ago What Victoria Read posted a video entitled 'The Ravenclaw Booktube Tag".  I was so intrigued that I instantly sought out a Hufflepuff tag as that is, proudly, my Harry Potter house. (We had Cedric.. we win everything.) Low and behold, I found one created by the lovely Abigail's Book Corner which you can watch HERE. So without further ado, I'm going to get stuck in and embrace my inner Puff. 

Harry Potter: Which Harry Potter book is your favourite?
Same as Abigail, I have to go with the fifth instalment of the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. This amuses me greatly as it was this book that put me off reading the series as it was the movie I was most "meh" about, and the book was bloody huge, However, I loved it because of it's size. I listened to the entire series as audiobooks last year for the first time, and my favourite part of each book were the chapters that were pure nonsense. The day-to-day banter between the characters.

Loyalty: Hufflepuffs are known for their undying loyalty. Name an insta-buy author.
Let's go with a double answer, because I'm laying naked on the floor (if you don't get that lyric.. I'm sorry). Firstly, Taylor Jenkins Reid. Last year she topped my favourite author list as I have yet to read anything by her that disappointed me. Some people criticise her novels as they can be heavily inspired by popular Hollywood movies, and while I do see that, I just can't not enjoy her spin on each plot. She writes incredible female characters, who each has her own voice which I can't not appreciate given how many times the side characters in female focused novels can be a little.. bland. Reid, however, managing to give each female a moment to shine without it ever feeling forced. And the lack of 'girl hate' pleases me immensely. My other insta-buy author is Fredrick Backman. As of right now, I have read all of his work and have yet to give a book less than a 4 star rating, and have yet to not cry when reading his work. If you love heartfelt writing with well developed characters that are realistically flawed, give his work a go. Strongly recommend Beartown or A Man Called Ove as an introduction.

Animals/Magical Creatures: As Hufflepuffs, we tend to have a great love for animals. Name a book/series that has your favourite animal/magical creature in it.
Nana from The Travelling Cat Chronicles. This is a translated novel about an older gentleman who builds a friendship with a stray cat. Together they travel to people from the man's past, and in doing so we get flashback chapters of their dynamic. I loved Nana, the stray. He was written brilliantly. You know, in real life, when you create an inner commentary for your cat? This read like that, in the best way possible. I found myself laughing so many times at the cat sass.

Trustworthy: We Hufflepuffs are very trustworthy, however books can also be very trustworthy. Name a series in which none of the books disappointed you.
I had to really give this some thought as I was at a loss for an answer. I would say Harry Potter but, in all honestly, the first two books really bored me as I already knew the story so well from having watched those particular movies so many times. Perhaps the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson? The second book dragged a bit, but overall I found each book very entertaining and kept instantly picking up the next. The same goes for the Wax and Wayne series that takes place in the Mistborn universe, and technically count as Mistborn #4, #5, and #6. I just really love the entire cast of characters in this world.

Caring: Us Hufflepuffs care for others a lot, even fictional characters. Name a book/series whose main character holds a special place in your heart.
I have to go with Louisa Clarke from the Me Before You trilogy by Jojo Moyes. The first book was quite a controversial topic a few years back, especially when the movie came out starring Emilia Clark and Sam Claffin, and though I fully saw the points people were making I just adored the entire series because of Lou. Her character reminded me so much of myself, especially the parts surrounding her home life, and her growth throughout the trilogy helped push me toward making a difference in my own life. I made more of an effort to be sociable, and even now I find myself thinking "embrace your inner Lou" when social anxiety kicks in. She heavily influenced my decision in moving abroad.

Kindness: Hufflepuffs always strive to be kind to others, no matter who they are. Name a book/series that you love despite its flaws and imperfections.
The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. This was my first introduction into a YA series that Twilight ought to of been. Take all the angst and love triangleyness from Meyer's series and add in girlpower, well developed teenagers that both act young yet don't make you want to hit your head against a wall, and a plot that keeps you enthralled. But like everything YA, it does have some problematic elements.

Patience: Hufflepuffs tend to be very patient, and that's a useful trait when reading slow paced books. Name a book you struggled to get through, but stuck it out until the end.
Literally anything by Donna Tartt. I read her two most popular books The Goldfinch and The Secret History last year and, Jesus Christ, they were both so long winded. Beautifully written? Yes. Worth my time? .....maybe? I felt so disconnected to both stories and the moment I turned each last page I couldn't help but think "what was the point?". They left no impression on me, and neither made me itch to read more by the, by all accounts, modern classic writer. I'm still going to pick up The Little Friend, but I think I need yearly breaks between her books.

If you want to do either of these tags, consider yourself tagged! What's your Harry Potter house? And which book do you think symbolises your house the best?

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