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This is late due to some life problems, my apologies.
The beautiful illustration is sadly not mine. It is done by the wonderfully talented Lechisho on RedBubble, Click here to see the artwork in full.

In celebration of Doctor Who returning on September 19th, I thought it only logical to do that pesky Doctor Who tag that is soaring through Youtube at the moment. I'm not entirely sure who started it, but I mentally credit them.

Let's jump right in!

1. Who's your favourite Doctor?
David Tennant. Hands down. I didn't even have to pretend to think about it. He was one of the main reasons why I fell in love with the show. He's hilarious, handsome (common, you know it), and plays the line between tortured soul and delinquent child perfectly. His portrayal of the Doctor will always be my favourite,

2. What's your favourite Doctor Who episode or story? 
I'm going to answer both of these as it's too difficult. My favourite story would probably be the stolen planets/Davros' return in the double part season 4 final. I'm a sucker for heartbreak and reunions, this offered me both. The intensity of the story always sucks me in. Episode? Besides 'The Christmas Invasion', I have to say I really enjoyed 'Vincent and The Doctor'. It was a stunningly beautiful episode for more reasons than one, and will always hold a place in my heart. 

3. Who's your favourite companion?
This one stumps me. I've been thinking through my answers over the course of the past few days (because I take serious things seriously), and I still haven't come up with an answer. My initial answer was Rose. But the more thought I give it, the more I realize how much I love Donna. Her humour was a welcomed change, and her and the Doctor's banter will always be one of my favourite aspects to the show. Clara, though extremely controversial in the fandom of Doctor Who, is another one of my favourites. I wholeheartedly agree that Steven Moffat did concentrate on her a little too much over the course of season 8 and it did indeed change to "The Clara show" but I like her, so it didn't bother me.

4. What was the first Doctor Who story/episode you ever watched?
Season 1 Episode 12: Bad Wolf. To be honest, I hadn't much interest in the show prior to this episode. But it was like Big Brother meets Saw. It was awesome.

5. What's your favourite series or era? 
The David Tennant era. Just a shame about Martha. I loathed her character.

6. What is your favourite pre or post regeneration story?
The end of the 10th Doctor -- otherwise known as the moment David Tennant broke all our hearts (Sensing a theme in answers yet?). As I previously said, I'm a sucker for stories that make you feel like you've been stabbed repeatedly in the chest. His farewell to the show did that, twice over. But in spite of the brutality of the story, it's just horribly perfect. From the goodbye scenes to his final line of "I don't want to go.". In my opinion, this episode showed the heart of the show. The core of the story. This alien's love for the humans who touch his life. It's all smiles and laughs, until the story chapter closes. And that's what his life is, a constant stream of goodbyes and endings.

7. What is your favourite Tardis desktop theme?
Season 1. No idea why, I just liked it.

8. What's your favourite villain or monster?
Weeping angels, come on! They have no prime reason for their attacks. You have hardly any way of defending yourself except for doing the impossible. Not to mention that we, humans, actually see those statues in the real world. Hell no. Terrifying and awesome. Saying that, Missy is fast approaching to becoming my favourite.

Credit to the talented romantically.
So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the read, and if you do do the tag, feel free to shoot me a link. Or say I tagged you!

Have a wonderful day.
- Anne x

PS: How great was that season 9 premiere? Can it be Saturday already?

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