A Drop In The Ocean || Sunset State Beach


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I think I've been converted into someone who likes the beach. Shock horror. Truth be told, I'm the furthest thing you could possibly find to a water baby. I hate the water. It's beautiful to look at, but that's about it. So, being my oh so assuming self, I figured that I would hate the beach. That the view would be meaningless if I couldn't swim in the ocean, that it would be a wasted experience on me. What a silly woman. Note to self: you can't judge until you experience.

When on vacation, I asked if me and my partner could take a quick trip to the beach as, ironically, walking in the ocean was on my bucket list.. Yeah, I'm that kind of girl. But in truth, like so many of the other things on that never ending list, I figured it wouldn't be reachable to me. At least not for many, many, many more years. Unsurprisingly, he agreed to the outing on condition that he didn't have to walk in too (which I fibbed and was all "oh, of course." until we were there, and I then puppy-eyed him into doing it with me. Heh. I win.) . So we ventured out and dipped our toes in the ocean (and accidentally 1/2 of our bodies. Waves are the enemy.). That day has become one of my fondest memories from the entire trip and the photos are incredibly special to me, so I thought a post dedicated to them was warranted. Online life journal, and all.

"A drop in the ocean,
A change in the weather, 
I was praying you and me might end up together.
It's like wishing for rain as we stand in the desert,
But I'm holding you closer than most,
 'Cause you're my heaven."

- Anne x

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