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June has certainly been an eventful month. Not only did I have to change most of my bios online from "Hi I'm Anne and I'm 20 years old" to "Hi I'm Anne and I'm 21 years old.", but I hopped on a plane and flew over 10 hours to be back with my better half in sunny California. I ate much better than I have done in months and did a whole lot of thrifting - both clothing and books. My blog also had a makeover (gives it a twirl for you). June passed by quickly, but in a great way. I haven't got much else to say to be honest, which may be a first this year. My photos have lacked a whole lot because I've been too busy with my real life and forgetting that my phone was a thing. Which is a really great thing, right? Maybe not for my blog, but.. yolo? I think I nailed that. Here's June.
01/06/2017: Start the new month off right by treating your body with the care it deserves. Here's my "cheat day" plate rule: Half business, half party. 🤗 Ground breaking, right? Whaaat? It's not? Oh well. At least the colours make my plate look pretty.
02/06/2017: I went thrifting today and got this gorgeous boutique dress for... wait for it... £1! Bargain. Sadly my butt refuses to be confined by the thick material (squats can be evil), but alas.. pretty!
03/06/2017: I think this little lady has made her way back home and I'm so incredibly thankful for that. I do miss her little babbles though. 
05/06/2017: Her snout is abnormally long. Once you notice it, it's all you'll ever see. Dogs be cray looking, ain't no cat, that's for sure. 
06/06/2017: New Post: "Bath Musings, EP.02 || "I'll admit, change scares me." Click HERE to read. This is the second instalment in my Bath Musings blog series. In today's episode we discuss why change scares me so much, where I'm heading in life and LDR complications. I'd really appreciate you play the role of my therapist and listen (read) my rambles. What are Internet buddies for?
07/06/2017: If you'd like a little Summer in your mouth but the dreary British weather is putting you off the Pimms, go with the age ol' classic of tea. Just go for something more fun! It's like cocktails for those of us who enjoy reading in bed at night with the fairylights on. (Though I still think I've favour red wine.) 
08/06/2017: Hopefully my next read: On The Road by Jack Kerouac. My TBR pile is ever growing, but I'm slowly making my way through which ought to count for something, right? I'm currently reading The Lovely Bones and I'm torn on what I think. Have you read it? Or On The Road? Let me know, I'd appreciate it. 
09/06/2017: The weather has brightened up and it's making me miss my red hair. 😢 #firstworldproblems
10/06/2017: I bought myself a £1 sketchbook today. I know, I'm totally out of control. Must come with foreseeable age. *nod, nod* This is just a 5 minute crappy doodle, but I want to start experimenting a little more with art. It's therapeutic and a good 'me time' thing. What do you do to relax your mind? 
11/06/2017: His & Hers with @billiamswn. Yeah, I'd be the one that had a cheese coma after this. We will be reliving this land of unhealthiness in exactly 11 days. Semi terrified, semi enthusiastic. Entirely in love. 
12/06/2017: How lovely is this shot? Be sure to follow @thenorwegiandaily, your feed will thank you!
12/06/2017: I've aged! Yay! New Post: "21 Things I Want to Do When 21" is up on my blog. Click HERE to read. I'd really appreciate a click. 
13/06/2017: Paths that lead to magical places. Or you know, paths to a waterfall. An entire post is on my blog jammed with photos of Aber Falls and our recent trip there. Link is in my bio! 
14/06/2017: I finished The Lovely Bones today. My feelings are still mixed. I really enjoyed the last half of the book but the first 100 or so pages dragged for me, and I kept losing the flow of the writing. But I am interested in watching the movie as I'm curious how they'll translate the story to screen. Have you read it? Watched it? What did you think? 
15/06/2017: 7 days until I get to squish this little monster. Well, okay, 7 days until I get to watch him eating from a distance. But yay! Photo by @billiamswn
16/06/2017: How adorable is this Supernatural sticker from @redbubble? I 110% need it in my life. Rowena is my spirit animal. Artwork by SuperSam18.
17/06/2017: I sometimes wonder where my hatred for having my photo taken came from.. that is until I go through old photos (as pictured) and realise that until I turned 2 years old, I most likely thought that my mum's face just came with a camera attached to it. She sure did like using that flash. 
18/06/2017: New Post: "Superdrug Beauty Haul: Birthday Edition" || Click HERE to read! New makeup is so much fun to play with. I feel like a child who received brand new paints and a blank canvas - overwhelmed with possibilities!
19/06/2017: G&T's and the feeling of sun on your skin. Quite blissful. .
21/06/2017: Forever lusting over tattoo placements that I wouldn't get in fear of pain. Le sigh.
21/06/2017: Awkward family photos. We all have them. More to come soon! I'm all packed and ready to jet off (literally) to be with my better half and our love child (that'd be the puppet) tomorrow. It's always so odd travelling alone and leaving loved ones behind. I hate it, but it's for a good cause. Change is good, right? Spoiler: Next Insta will likely be a passport. Because if I don't photograph it, how will I know I went anywhere? 
22/06/2017: On my way. Can I just throw a big "yay" to @thomascookairlinesuk for now doing nonstop flights to SFO from Manchester? I may love you. 
23/06/2017: As I was high in the sky yesterday (literally. In a plane. Nothing weird), I had 10 hours to kill. So I did what any sensible person would do and took 3 heavy books in my carry on. Wise. My back totally thanks me for that today. /sarcasm ... Anyhow, I read over 100 pages of  Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham and I'm really liking it. I haven't seen Girls, so I was worried I wouldn't appreciate the book as much as I could. But my worries were for nought and I look forward to finishing this rocky comedic ride. I love her voice. What do you like to read on planes? 
25/06/2017: "I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles." - Audrey Hepburn
26/06/2017: Yellow is quickly becoming my favourite colour (previous being white, if interested.. yeah, you probably aren't.), especially when placed next to the brightness of a blue sky and the richness of some trees. I'm easily pleased. 
27/06/2017: Not gonna lie, a highlight of the time I get to spend with my better half is this little guy here. Overly loud, treat obsessed, gorgeous Charlie. No kitty will top my love for my own little guy (All the tears at being away from him), but at least I have someone who meows good morning to me. Positives, ya know?
28/06/2017: When life throws you lemons, make pasta and have some lemonade on the side. Grade A advice. 
29/06/2017: There is something incredibly therapeutic about places with such beauty that it causes groups of people - of various ages - to stop and stare. Taking it all in. Loved ones clasping onto one another as though it's their final sunset, children awed as they grow silent and look to their elders with glee, people who walk alone but sit beside the beauty and seem content. Groups of entirely different people huddled together to appreciate the same thing. In my own option, places bring people together for the better. Unlike things.

30/06/2017: I tried my first Its-it yesterday and it was actually really yummy. Not at all what I was expecting. I usually magnetise more toward ice lollies (Popsicles for all you Americans. Yeah.. us British folk are fancy but not imaginative when it comes to naming things apparently.), so I forget how good ice-cream can be. It's the small things in life.
30/06/2017: I cut my hair off for the @littleprincesstrustcharity and now I feel like a new woman (and semi French). Yay! 

- Anne x


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