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This is so long overdue that it's almost laughable. I haven't really written anything personal on my blog for over a year, maybe even longer. Part of that was due to my break from anything social media, which sadly goes hand-in-hand with blogging. I wrote up my To All The Social Medias I've Loved Before post, but that was written down in physical form long before I even thought of posting it on here. It's been an internal struggle for me to decide whether I even wanted to continue with this part of the Internet, purely because my love for the interacting part of the blogging world went away. I wanted to hide, and posting seemed nonsensical if I wasn't willing to socialise for it. But I'm trying to rediscover my passion for this one thing that is purely mine in my world (this blog), so.. hi, again. And let's catch up. (I'm choosing to sip on some wine during this one-sided ramble but please, order whatever drink you want, it's on me.)

The last time I properly checked in, me and my long distance boyfriend got engaged. Yay, that would totally last, right? Ha! Jokes on anyone that thought otherwise, we're now married and I have, in theory, moved to California while we go through the dreary process that is immigration. *Insert in Chandler Bing voice* Could we of chosen a more better time to do this? Well.. probably, but it's seemingly going smoothly so far. Want me to summarise how we got here? Oh, okay. Promise to try and do it in as little words as possible. 

I came for another 3 month visit back in January of 2018, and after a few appointments with various lawyers to discuss our options, we decided to do the one that was me outstaying my visa and getting married before we even applied for a green card. Sounds highly illegal, I know, but it's actually quite a common method of doing this whole immigration process and one of the more faster ways that didn't require me being either unable to see my better half or my mother for too long a period. Well, that was initially the case but as it's now been close to a year since we married and only received the letter regarding my final interview a few weeks ago. The government, am I right? Nevertheless, we're getting there and I'm as excited as I am nervous. I'm desperate to go home and see my family, and yet I am equally happy in the little life me and my husband have created. This is single-handedly the most selfish thing I have done in my life, but I think it was the best decision given the circumstances. 

Since getting married we have moved into our own space that is purely thanks to his family, people I will never be more thankful for knowing. He was off work to a work injury for close to a year, which really helped in our life building. And you know, as cliche as it may sound, it was really good for us. We spent almost an entire year in each others company, rarely doing anything apart, and it didn't affect us negatively in any way. We still missed each other after he'd go out for a few hours, and we found new things to do with each other that wasn't just watching TV or going out for day trips. I think it helped us see how a future would be, and that really did aid in our decision making process. The beginning of our relationship was defined by the small chunks of the year that we got to physically be together, and it made us crave these days we now probably take for granted.. the days of chores, household duties, and just doing simple things like reading. My point being.. I think we're now just your average couple and I probably can't call us a LDR anymore. What a wonderful thing to write.

Now time for the most important part of this entire post.. We adopted two kittens! Right? That's what you were waiting for. My main little kitty Bruno is still in the UK living with my mum, and though I hope it's still a decision we need to make one day, he is now probably better undisturbed. I miss him like a chunk of my heart has been ripped out, but it is what it is and he's doing okay. That's all that matters. The kittens have helped, but they'll never take up his place.
About them.. They're siblings, a girl and a boy. And both are as bonkers as each other. They were roughly 8-12 weeks old when we brought them home, and now they're nearing 11 months. We adopted them from the Santa Cruz Animal Centre which I highly recommend if you're in the area and looking to adopt. The volunteers there were all so friendly and helpful. The girl cat, Lea (she's the less fluffy one) is a little rascal who demands attention like it's going out of kitty style. Dresden (the fluffy one) on the other hand, only really likes attention if it involves giving him loves or food. He definitely found it the hardest to adjust when we brought him home, but looking to his sister helped and now we rarely get any room on the bed thanks to his space hogging. He also thinks it's okay to take snacks out of my hand as I'm eating them. Safe to say, he's no longer nervous around us. They're happy and we're honoured to be their parents.

Health wise, I've been doing okay. Fibromyalgia will always be something that dominates aspects of my life, but I'm learning to manage it better. I've definitely gained perspective on the theory that getting a better handle on ones mental health will aid in coping with physical pain, and that's something I'm grateful for. It's all a journey, but one I'm starting to not hate myself for having to go on. 

Writing it all down like this makes me realise just how much my life has changed during the past 12 months. It's crazy, but wonderful. I'm thinking of doing a series going through the entire immigration process once we've finished surviving experiencing ours, so do let me know if that would be something that'd interest you. And of course, expect a post all about the cats because I'm Anne and Cat Lady syndrome is my life description.

Do let me know what you were drinking! 
PS: I started a Book Instagram account, to hopefully aid in rediscovering my love for social media. Want to interact on there? Give me a follow and let's chat >> @BranchingPages

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