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Whenever I finish a book that I enjoyed, I instantly imagine who would play each character if a movie or mini series was to ever be made. My husband does the same. We were recently discussing this and I suggested we do a few posts where we dreamcast some of our favourite books. He said 'let's do it!" and here we are. My first book of choice is a newly favourited book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, 'Daisy Jones & The Six'.

If you want to read my fangirl review of the novel click HERE, if not, then enjoy the following post.

Age: 19-28
Description: Skinny, tall, full lips, copper hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones.
Dream Casting: Troian Bellisario

The story revolves around Daisy so her casting would be a critical decision. We not only need someone who fits the criteria of being absolutely gorgeous, but we need someone who can own both her sexuality and give a convincing performance during Daisy's low points. Bonus points for choosing an actress who has that raspy singing voice that Daisy becomes known for. My vote would 110% be Troian Bellisario. 

Mostly known for Pretty Little Lies and appearing on a fair few Indie projects, her acting ability is beyond her years. She can appear both full of youth and as a wounded soul, which sums up Daisy's story pretty perfectly. The copper hair and blue eyes would be needed to be done with a dye job and some contacts, but otherwise I think she could fill the role phenomenally.  And as demonstrated on her Instagram (@sleepinthegardn) she has a soft spot for the time periods that Daisy Jones & The Six is set in, which would undoubtedly help her get into the spirit.

Age: 22-32
Description: Dark hair, dark eyes, high cheekbones.
Dream Casting: Robert Pattinson

Billy Dunne is our main man. Described as the sex symbol of the band, he is both the eye candy and main singer of The Six. His story is as rough as Daisy's. When we're introduced to his character, his band is slowly growing in the music industry meaning that drugs and alcohol become second nature to his lifestyle. Think Bradly Cooper's character in A Star is Born. He has addictions, a tough role in the way of feeling like he carries the band, So again, that opens us up to the question of 'who can both sing and act in such a heavy role? 

I was reluctant to put Robert Pattinson as my pick as I know people either love or hate him. But if you have only ever seen him in Twilight and are judging him on that, then you don't get a vote. He fits the bill to play Billy, so I'm doing it. Edward Robert is my pick. He can sing, he's handsome in the way that Billy is described, and he has a good acting range. If he was cast in this role, I really wouldn't second guess it. 

Age: 21-30
Description: Broad shoulders, dusty brown hair, handsome but still a little rough around the edges.
Dream Casting: Johnathan Jackson

I know Jonathan Jackson from Nashville, and he has always impressed me with his portrayal of the character he plays. In retrospect, his character is fairly similar to Graham. He's an overly confident young man who sometimes doesn't think about his actions. He messes up relationships with women and blames everything except himself. Yet once he meets the right woman, he tries to change his ways. He grows on your heart. So I may be semi cheating with this pick as he has already played a Graham role for me, but if you aren't familiar with Jonathan Jackson, what do you think about his look for Graham?

Description: Graham says she looks like Ali MacGraw, I'm 99.9% sure that there aren't any other descriptions throughout the novel. Comment down below if I'm mistaken!
Dream Casting: Olivia Cooke

Karen becomes the guitarist of The Six near the beginning of the story. Her and Graham dabble in a romantic relationship, but that isn't what defines her character, which I loved. She's reluctant to give into her sexual side as her previous work in bands always led to her being asked out/hit on. But as the book goes on, she embraces her female side due to Daisy's presence. In my mind, I imagined her baby-faced, petite, but with a tomboy side. I think Olivia Cooke suits Karen's role perfectly, and she gives off the indie vibe that Karen needs.

Age: N/M
Description: Gorgeous girl. Long brown hair, down to her waist, and big brown eyes. Short. 
Dream Casting: Anna Kenrick

Camila is easily one of my favourite characters of the book. She doesn't fall into the 'jealous girlfriend' trope which I appreciated. Partner to Billy, she doesn't involve herself in the music scene but travels with Daisy & The Six when they go on tour. She's kind, mature, and someone you would want to befriend in real life. Anna Kenrick has always been likeable no matter the role - looking at you Jessica (her character from Twilight) - so  I think she'd suit Camila's character.

Age: N/M
Description: British, real tall, fat guy in a suit,  a face only a mother could love.
Dream Casting: Hugh Laurie

For this casting, I'm ignoring a lot of the description. Not only couldn't I think of anyone, but I don't particularly enjoy picking someone based on those descriptors. Teddy is the agent guy throughout most of this book. He's the guy keeping everyone together. The wise guy people go to. My husband suggested Hugh Laurie and now I can't get him out of my head for the role. If they want to make his character unhealthy, make him eat greasy food and smoke a lot. Hugh has the charisma to bring the role of Teddy to life. 

There are so many other characters to this book, but to prevent this post from becoming overwritten, I'm going to stop here. As mentioned above, this was in collaboration with my husband @BilliamSWN so be sure to go check out his post where he dreamcasted Less by Andrew Sean Greer over on SomewhatNerdy.

If you got to choose which book was next turned into a movie, which would you choose?

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