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Catch up blog posts fill me with fear. What's worthy enough of writing about? How do I keep the reader engaged when I'm merely talking about my life? Oy vey. Here goes nothing.

On September 29th, my Grandma passed away. Having never lost anyone in that way before, it took over my entire existence. I flew home, did everything that was mandatory, hugged family members that I never see outside of wakes, and then 3 weeks later, returned back to my new life with my husband. I can't begin to explain how it was. I still feel vaguely like a shell, nothing is sinking in. I think that's to be expected. However, I've chosen to share what I said at the funeral on here as I think it best describes what my Nain meant to me.

"My nain was my support system. Throughout my teenage years and early twenties, she gave me a home away from home. Her and my Taid. I spent countless nights and evenings in her company, whether by sitting near to her or watching Food Network together.  
She would be the person I went to when I wanted advice. She was the person who would listen to my venting, who would spend an hour looking at photos of my cats without seeking a distraction halfway through, and who made me laugh when she cracked a "that's what he said" joke. She was a main factor in my taking the plunge and getting married, though she didn't know it. She was my support system when I had to be my mothers and my mother had to be my Nain's. 
Trying to imagine a life without her is inconceivable. I cant begin to fathom what our lives will look like without her in them. For the remainder of my life it will be missing her company, her rare and fragile hugs, and most importantly, her love."

 It not only threw my life into shambles but it prevented me from taking part in Blogtober (an extremely small thing, but let's go with it), so I'm choosing to instead publish a blog post each day in November. I had many prepped (Here's hoping you aren't yet bored of Fall themed posts... or book tags) so it seems like the only logical solution. Plus I'm hoping it will help distract my mind during the next few weeks. And I imagine it'll be extremely satisfying to have a clear 'draft' section as right now it's full of half finished posts or words with no photos. Here's to a redo.

Other than the more serious catch-ups, I've recently become obsessed with the new Lea Michele album Christmas In The City. My favourite singer and Christmas combined? Grand. I'm looking forward to going to watch Last Christmas next week (review, maybe?), so I'm basically already in the Christmas spirit and want to put up the decorations. However, therein lies the problem, my husband always wants a real Christmas tree meaning we can't buy one until at least December. #TeamFake. Which does your household choose?

So, yeah, I can't think of anything else to write which probably means I should stop. I hope you'll stick around with me throughout the month of November as I've only ever done a month of blog posts once before and it actually went down surprisingly well. Lots of coffee will undoubtedly be consumed.

Here's a photo of my cats to finish off this post as I think it's only right.


  1. These catch up posts are always hard to do! Kudos to you for doing them, because I never have anything interesting to update people on. But I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma passing. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman and the words you spoke at the funeral made me tear up. I hope you're doing okay <3

    But Blogvember sounds like a great idea! Why should October get all the blog fun? And thank you for sharing pictures of cats! What a great way to end the post! :)

    Emily |

    1. Aw, thank you Emily. <3 I only just saw this comment and it's absolutely made my day. You're always so sweet!


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