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Growing up I've been in my fair share of fandoms, especially on Tumblr. I've made so many of those GIF selection posts that I'm pretty sure I single-handedly slowed down the Internet. As with any TV show, I have had my heart ripped out multiple times by couples I shipped with every inch of my youthful heart. I wanted all the forbidden romances, hate-to-love, basically anything hella angsty. I was always a little.. self deprecating, what can I say? Over the years I got played by so many forms of fiction. Here's a list of all the ships I so desperately wanted to jump on board with, but that never amounted to anything. *grabs my box of tissues*

Jayne Cobb x River Tam, Firefly/Serenity

I was rooting for these two space rebels the moment River said that Jayne was a girls name, and the not-really-but-most-definite flirtation began. River's age is never entirely known to us in the series nor the movie, so I'm unsure as to whether these two could've legally been together without a huge creep factor, but I'm going to stay in my bubble of denial and say that it would've all worked out. River could handle Jayne in a way that no other person could (like, literally. In the words of Wash "Start with the part where Jayne gets knocked out by a 90-pound girl 'cause... I don't think that's ever getting old."), and their brief banter rivalled that of Zoe and Mal's. They would've made a very cute couple.

Sydney Bristow x Julian Stark, Alias

Yeah, yeah, Sydney and Vaughn were the power couple of this J. J. Abrams show, but come on.. we were all secretly rooting for Sydney and Stark, right? Otherwise known as Stadney Sydark(?) Rebellious Bristow was the best version of Sydney, and I lived entirely for the scenes between these two archenemies. I don't know whether their on screen chemistry was meant to be a point in the show, or whether Jennifer Garner and David Anders were just flirty but *fans self* the sexual tension was knife-cutting worthy. They gave me Hermione/Draco vibes, which I'm very supportive of.  

Barry Allen x Caitlin Snow, The Flash

This is one I'm surprisingly bitter about as all it took was one episode of them singing karaoke and I was unpacking on my belongings on the Snowbarry ship. These two never got an actual chance to blossom. I'm all for Caitlin and her husband finding each other again, but that didn't last in the show. If anything, it felt like the creator panic broke Caitlin's story arc just to lead the whole Ronnie/Firestorm onto Legends Of Tomorrow. Meh. And I think we can all agree that Iris is far too annoying to be a convincing main love interest. *cries into my snowcone... get it?*

Clara Oswald x Missy, Doctor Who

Just me...? 'K.

Max x Alec, Dark Angel

This may have been a case of the sow getting cancelled but throughout season two (the last season) they really built up the chemistry between these two genetically-enhanced attractive people. Jessica Alba and Jensen Ackles? Imagine the children! But really, Max's main love interest throughout the show was Logan, in other words, one of the worst characters to ever exist. Her, Alex, and Joshua could've all lived happily ever after together.

Beth Greene x Darryl Dixon, The Walking Dead

I will go down with this ship, literally. Beth and Darryl are one of my favourite could've been couples in a show. Viewers are very divided on this. Some seem to think that there are no feelings at all between them, while others will argue to their deathbed that the show was hinting at a romantic relationship during their solo episode. I personally find them so endearing. He is broken from the world before, she is broken because of the current world. Her optimism and his pessimism make for a perfect duo. Thank god for Fanfiction.

Tell me about an almost couple that you fiercely ship!

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