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I used to do favourites posts quite a bit over on this corner of the Internet, but I fell out of doing them as I wasn't sure whether people found them pointless. But having recently realised that I will always read someone's life favourites as I'm a nosy person, I figured what's the harm in doing one myself? If this is something you enjoy to read, let me know! Feedback is always welcome.

I've never been someone who played video games, so I'd never heard of Animal Crossing or Pocket Camp until having met my partner. I know, where was I living? Does Wales count as living under a rock? Anne, asking the big questions. Anyhow, after having seen my husband play around on the app and dressing up his little cartoon character, I wanted in. Since then I have reached level 154 and have wasted many hours playing around with my camp an awwwing at the cat characters. But in all seriousness, I find the app also really helps occupy my mind on those nights where your thoughts are acting as boulders on your sanity. The innocence of it all is far better than finding yourself scrolling through the toxicity of social media at 3am.

Ever find a mug that not only fits perfectly in your hand, but also holds just the right amount of liquid for that nighttime cup of peppermint? This Cat Mug by Now Designs is my version of just that. I absolutely adore it. It's also dishwasher and microwave safe which is now something I look for in a mug because apparently, I'm an adult. When did that happen?

I'm not really a TV show binger unless I'm with my mum as that seems to be our only mutual hobby. However I recently put on the first episode of Jane The Virgin on Netflix to act as background noise and found myself, 5 days later, finishing season one. I'm obsessed. It's made me laugh, cry, and feel empowered as a woman. What more can you possibly want from a show? This is about a girl named Jane who is a virgin (bet you didn't see that one coming) and accidentally gets inseminated during a standard check-up. When she finds out she's pregnant, things begin to change in her life. The plot seems silly and far-fetched, but instead it makes for a hilarious show that could rival any telenovela. And it may have a bigger love triangle than Twilight. Yup, I said it.

I recently became a member of the Bookstagram community by starting up my own page @BranchingPages. I was constantly posting book photos on my regular Instagram account and wanted something entirely dedicated to this niche. I have fallen entirely out of love with social media, I got my heart broken through a lot of them and it's made the entire world bitter tasting to me. I always sign out hating myself for some new reason, or just feeling deflated as memories refuse to not resurface with scrolling. It's my own personal demon. However, since joining this wonderful community of readers, I've experienced such a joyful attitude to taking photos again. I lost my passion and though it hasn't 100% resurfaced (I'm no longer sure whether it will) it's lovely to have something of my own back again. Plus the community on there is so kind, generous, and active that I never once felt out of a place. A feeling that I think the blogging community too often causes.

Snacks are the way to enjoy life, I will forever stand by this statement. Being more of a savoury person, crisps (or chips if you're in America) are my guilty-pleasure. So when I spotted these more 'acceptable to eat the whole bag' option, I thought I'd give it a try. Here starts our love story. Okay, bit dramatic. The Harvest Snaps Green Pea Snack Crisps in the Caesar flavor are wonderful and I've embarrassingly woken up a few times and wanted them for breakfast. On a recent trip back to the UK, they were the only thing I craved and nothing could satisfy the urge as there really isn't anything like these. Sure, pea crisps have become more popular but the texture can be entirely off and cardboardy. It's only the Harvest Snaps brand that has aced it in my eyes, and I may be reaching for some as I type this. Is this paragraph too lengthy for the subject of crisps? Probably. Try them if you can, I strongly recommend.

I've recently been looking into fonts to design what will hopefully be my first tattoo and it's really sparked my joy for graphic editing again. Granted, I do it entirely for fun but I think it's healthy to have hobbies that stay in the 'enjoyment' bracket of life. I've personally been spending hours scrolling through the Dafont site ogling and downloading too many new fancy fonts that I may not use. Yay! Efficient use of my time. What's your favourite site to download fonts from?

Did I ever think that a Cat Litter Genie would be on this list? No, never. But alas, here it is. I couldn't write this post without mentioning the genie that has made life so much easier for both me and my husband. I won't go on and on as I wrote up an entire review of it which you can read over at Is The Cat Litter Genie Worth It? It is a luxury item that you most definitely don't need in life, but it truly makes for an easier morning and night. No longer do I have to wrestle with poop bags that will forever slide down into the bin and make for a messy and icky situation.

So there are a few life favourites that I've been enjoying lately! What would be on your list? Let me know! And please, as I mentioned above, tell me what you think of these type of blog posts. Do you find them boring, interesting, or just meh?

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  1. I absolutely love these types of posts! Especially if they're not all about make-up or just random things that person has bought that month. I liked yours because it was a great mix of things! Jane the Virgin is one of my favorite shows, so I'm happy you're enjoying it! It's so out there and great! And I am absolutely loving your Bookstagram account. You take some lovely bookish pictures! And that cat mug! Ugh, too cute!!

    Great post, please continue doing them! :) You know, if YOU want too. It's your blog, after all ;)

    Emily |


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