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I failed miserably when it came to choosing a curated box this month, as I entirely forgot and got stuck with a box of surprises. What did I receive? Let's see together! If you've never read a post in this series, then let me just quickly say what it is. I, like so many other easily influenced viewers, got sucked onto the Birchbox train and have been an avid subscriber for over a year now. I like being able to try out so many new skincare, body care, hair care, or even makeup products for the respectable price of $15 a month ($13 for me, as I did a 12 month subscription wherein you still pay monthly, but are in a contract for the 12 month period. You can also do this for a 6 month period if that interests you.). Do you have a subscription box? Let me know. So without further ado, let's go through the products I received in the month of March...

Brand: Benefit Cosmetics
Product: The POREfessional Hydrate Primer
Full-sized details: $32
Sample size received: 3.0ml
I've only recently jumped into the magical world of primers so I've yet to splurge on the coveted Benefit POREfessional which every beauty guru or celebrity seems to use, so I was very excited to receive this in my box despite the small sample size. As I don't use foundation, I really won't be using much during each application, however I could see how this would be a measly amount to someone who wants a primer to go over every inch of their face.

Brand: Davines
Product: Ol All in One Milk
Full-sized details: $35
Sample size received: 50ml
As you will further see as this post goes on , this mystery box was rather heavy in the Davines brand. I'm never entirely thrilled when I receive shampoo or conditioner samples as they only last one (maybe at a push, two) uses and it will never sway me into spending the heavy price tag. However, this leave in conditioner peaks my interest and I'm interested in seeing how it treats the ends of my hair. The smell is quite pleasant, but nothing to write home about. It almost smells like a herbal bottle of medicine.

Brand: Davines
Product(s): Shampoo + conditioner
Full-sized details: Shampoo, $34 + conditioner, $40
Sample size received: Both 12ml.
As mentioned above, I could take or leave these samples as one wash is never going to convince me into buying a $40 product. Meh.

Brand: Sunday Riley
Product: Luna Sleeping Night Oil
Full-sized details: $55-$105
Sample size received: 5ml
It's samples like this that keep me using Birchbox. I received the vitamin C Sunday Riley oil last month, and despite my nightly use of it, I haven't even gone through a quarter of the 5ml sample. These are such luxurious products that really do last you awhile. I'm currently in the midst of a love story with facial oils, so you best believe this is going to go to great use.

Brand: Wander Beauty
Product: Double Date Lap And Cheek - Rendezvous
Full-sized details: 2.05g, $22
Sample size received: 1.05g
Make-up products are always fun to get, but I'm on the fence on how I feel about a cream blush. Only time will tell! (note from future Anne: This is surprisingly pigmented and stays on throughout the day on the cheeks, however it separates quickly on the lips.)

Brand: Hero Cosmetics
Product: Mighty Patch Original
Full-sized details: 36 for $12.99
Sample size received: 6 patches
This seems to be the more adventurous product in this months box. I'd never heard of this company or it's product prior to seeing this but after a scroll online they seem to be quite popular. I'll be sure to give these a whirl next time I feel a pimple coming through, though to be honest, that can be difficult as I'm more of a hormonal breaker-outer so I never sense anything coming. If these work, I'll be most definitely purchasing a bulk box for under my sink.

What product intrigues you the most? 

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