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A year or so ago my husband bought me a bottle of pure rosehip oil after me going on and on about it for months. I'd read many positive things about the natural product in skincare routines, and given my sensitive skin I was quite curious. I think I've now gotten familiar enough with the product to confidently give some recommendations on how to use it. Without further ado, let's go..

Using rosehip oil as a facial oil offers such incredible results. Within a week or two of adding it to my nighttime skin regime I could both see and feel results. My skin was noticeably softer to the touch, the uneven colouring on my t-zone area became less noticeable, and my skin just looked plumper. It felt hydrated which isn't an easy feat for me in the Winter months. I never felt like the oil made my skin feel or look greasy once it absorbed. I think I first saw Alexandria Morgan use it in it's purest form in her skin routine.

As a treat every now and again (in other words, when I'm not feeling lazy) I add a few splashes to a handful of my usual body lotion and let my skin drink it up with more enthusiasm than normal. I can't rate this enough. I use unscented body lotion so it does leave a semi rosy smell, but my inner Grandma loves that. If I have a dry spot that needs more TLC, I'll rub the oil in by it's lonesome and I usually get instant results. It's rather magical.

In a similar fashion, when my skin is feeling a tad dehydrated I will add a splash to my bath. This is easily a great way of getting all the rosehip absorbed into my skin. Oils, bubble bath, and maybe some Epsom salts is a recipe for the ultimate relaxing bath.

Ever found yourself  panic rushing in the morning as you realise you need a leg shave? I find the oil perfect for the dreaded dry shave. I drop a few hefty splashes on my skin, rub it slightly in, shave, and then wipe away with a dry flannel. With this method I haven't found my skin breaking out in ingrowing hairs, or developing a horrid shavers rash. Instead the legs feel moisturised, smooth, and ready for the world.

My most recent discovery has been the joy massaging a few drops of rosehip oil into my scalp an hour or so before a shower. After washing it out, I shampoo my hair as normal. It leaves the roots of my hair bouncy and incredibly soft. I was worried it would create a greasy feel like coconut oil. But nope. It's great, especially if you're like me and tend to overuse the dry shampoo. 

All in all, I think the $10-$15 price tag for this 500ml bottle is definitely worth it. I use it so much and I've still barely gone through 1/4 of the bottle, despite having it for over a year.

What natural beauty product do you stand by?

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