3 Things I'm Currently Thankful For


Happy Thanksgiving! As a Welsh girl who's currently living in the US, this holiday is still new to me. But if you're willing to feed me potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing, I'll most definitely be there. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to write up a quick post of 3 things or people who have made me thankful to of lived through the madness that is 2020. This is a very niche post, but I feel like I've been very guilty of feeling a little 'woe is me' lately, especially with not being able to travel home for Christmas. But you know, I'm doing okay. Thankfully no one I personally know has been affected by Covid, my husband hasn't lost his job so we're doing okay in that area, and I still have the love of my family. If you haven't got one or all of these things, I'm so sorry and I'm a virtual person you can come and chat to. I will always listen. 


Books are a portal to another world. I don't know what I would've done without that escapism throughout 2020. Libraries near to me have only recently started opening up again for pick-up and it's been a true joy to be able to put a unrealistic amount of books on hold again and to dive into so many different genres. Libraries have always filled the void of bookstores for me as I've never been rolling in cash so the opportunity to read new releases for free is incredible. I support my local libraries by buying too many cheap books from their book sale sections, but obviously during Covid I haven't been able to. In 2021, I'm hoping to purchase more books for my local library (which you can usually do via their website) and get more involved with community events. If you haven't already joined your local library, find their website and see if you can join online. If you're in the US, you can get Libby and will be immersed in a world of free ebooks and audiobooks. It's awesome!


This absolute gem of a human being has been a close friend of mine for a few years now, but this year I've never been more thankful to have someone on the other side of the phone. This year we started buddy reading and it's brought me such happiness. She also started a Bookstagram which I urge you to follow as it's beautiful and I love her reviews! I would've honestly been lacking in joy if we hadn't of read together throughout 2020 and I really appreciate how she's recommended me so many fun books (except It Ends With Us, I'm still broken). Go give her a follow and all your love.


This is a weird one as it's no secret around these parts that my relationship with social media is broken at best. However, over the past month or so I've really found solace in Twitter. It's been a place filled with support for other creators, bookish content, cats, and just friendship. I want to send a huge thank you into the universe to @petalspawspages, @WhtVictoriaRead, @emahlee13, and @lisagoes007 as they've really transformed my timeline into something joyful.

What are 3 things that you're currently thankful for? 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep safe,

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