7 Items Of Clothing You Need To Remove From Your Closet Right Now


Having a good closet clear-out can be the ultimate form of destressing. I am forever guilty of letting my wardrobe get out of control - we're talking clothes piled on the hamper, hangers all crazy, nothing in order - and it really puts my brain in a slump when getting read. In this post I'm going to be giving you 7 "clothing prompts" that I guarantee you can declutter right now. Clothes are beautiful and it's a true blessing to be able to have a full closet, but sometimes they can be the cause of some mental instability. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. sometimes your relationship with clothes can be like an actual unhealthy relationship. I sometimes purposefully trigger myself by trying on clothes that I wore as a literal teenager just to make myself feel awful about my eating habits/exercise routine. It's insanity. As people, we need to learn to let go of the things in our lives that repeatedly bring us unhappiness. I digress, get to your closet and let's do this together.

  1. Those jeans that haven't properly fit for years (if ever). Whether that's because of them being too small, too big, they are uncomfortable when you sit, or maybe you simply hate the way they make your butt or legs look. It's not worth it. Donate them to a thrift store or a charity shop. Even if they do one day fit, it's not worth the years that you will look at them in your closet and feel crap.
  2. The dress that you used to wear when you were younger so still hold onto despite it not being your style anymore, the fit no longer works, or it's looking a little tatty. Getting rid of the clothing item won't make the memories disappear. 
  3. The "special occasion" piece that you hold onto despite knowing that you wouldn't want to rewear it for a similar event. I've been guilty of holding onto a dress that I bought for a wedding or party, telling myself that I would reuse it but knowing in my heart that I'd want to purchase something new as I rarely have the opportunity to buy a new swanky dress. It's okay that a dress cost you a small bomb because you don't want to add to fast fashion, even if you aren't going to rewear it. You paid to feel beautiful that day. Self love, people. 
  4. The broken piece of clothing that you always say you'll get fixed or tailored but it's still been sitting in your closet for ages. If you didn't go ahead and do the alterations straight away, you don't like the piece enough to warrant keeping it. Make a pledge to yourself to get it fixed within the month, if it remains untouched, bye-bye. 
  5. That item of clothing that fits but makes you feel horrendous whenever you put it on. The stomach drop feeling that comes from putting something on and looking in the mirror only to hate your body is NOT worth it. Save your future self from heartbreak and donate, donate, donate.
  6. That pair of shoes that you bought because they're beautiful but they either rub you, you can't walk in them, or they are the wrong fit. How often do you actually pull them out to admire their beauty? Shoes take up so many space if you're limited with room, it's not worth it!
  7. That item of clothing that you always debate getting rid of every time you do a closet clear-out. Trust your instincts! I go back-and-forth so many times with various pieces because I'm an indecisive lady. But know in your heart that if you've debated it before, you'll debate it again. 

If this at all helped you to let go of a piece of clothing, tell me! I'd love to know. You're beautiful.

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