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 Since Lockdown I've been on the hunt for some affordable loungewear that doesn't make me feel like a literal blob. As someone with chronic pain, my main goals when buying new clothing (especially for around the house) is that they're soft and fit certain issues I have during bad pain days. When Femme Luxe contacted me and offered to send me a few pieces to test out and review, I jumped on it. I've seen this company featured so many times on Instagram and wanted to see whether they are as good as people make out. Some of the items I picked out did go out of stock, so this is just a little taster of what the company has to offer. Here's my review/mini haul. 

Firstly, I automatically ventured to the Loungewear section as that was my main goal. They had some great sets for very affordable prices. I chose their Navy Loungewear Tracksuit Set. First off, this is incredibly soft. It has a brushed cotton feel which is like satin to someone with sensitive skin. This set is cute but I have a slight issue with how sheer it is. I literally couldn't take a photo standing up as you would've seen what I had for dinner. Good for around the house, but not great if you live with anyone other than your significant partner. One thing I do like about the jumper is how versatile it can be. Here's just one idea of how else you could wear it. 

My only issue with some of their loungewear sets is the lack of sizing. They only go up to a L/XL which is marketed as a UK 12/14. I'm usually a 8/10 and the M is a little tight. I hope they eventually expand their sizing in that regard. (Some of their items are in regular sizing, but still only go up to a UK 14.) 

Secondly, I went a little scandalous with this Black Lace Bodysuit that is mutually risky while still very easily making for a comfortable wear. The site's range of Bodysuits and Going Out Tops is impressive, especially as most of them can very easily be worn as loungewear. My back has a lot of issues when it comes to painful skin, so anything backless while still giving my chest support is a winner in my book. I really like the fit of this (I purchased a M), and the inner lace is actually lined with a less itchy material which is pleasant. Would I wear this outside? Perhaps, with the right under tank and a cute jacket. It would also make for a great layering piece when wearing a wrap dress that dips low. For me, I'm mainly going to use it on sensitive skin days with some cute shorts and maybe a sports bra if I'm feeling especially fancy. Of course this is a piece that only a few people would be drawn to, but yeah. It's cute and makes me feel like I'm putting effort in while still being comfy.

Overall, I'm not entirely sold on this company as the quality is a little lacking - mainly with the Navy Loungewear Set. I wanted a little more substance, as though I like the Lace Bodysuit, I don't think it would last very long and I'm making an effort to buy more sustainably. Saying that, as only half of what I chose came through it could very well be a case of the lack of products I got to try. I'm very interested in their more casual day-to-day items such as cardigans or plain sweaters as I feel like they have the protentional to excel when it comes to more simplistic pieces.

The shipping for my items - keeping in mind that they're a UK site and I'm in California - was impressively speedy. The packaging was baby pink and adorable, which yes, not really a factor in ordering but still cute! Thank you to Femme Luxe for allowing me to try out some of their products. Have you bought from this company? What was your experience? 

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