Best Places To Buy Books: UK Edition


I, like so many smart people in world, hoard books. It isn't unhealthy, quite the opposite actually. Books are great but boy, can they be expensive. These are my top favourite places to get books for a reasonable price.

Book Depository || Free international delivery
If you haven't already heard of this heavenly site, this is a place to buy discounted books with the added bonus of free international delivery. Everyone squeal at once! As with most sites, please remember to always look for a discount code before purchasing something. I once saved a whooping £17 from a 40% coupon I found. Always give a quick Google search.

The Book People || Free delivery over £25
Much like the site above, this is a discounted book site that offers free UK delivery on orders over £25. I personally really like The Book People for the book bundles they sell as you can get a right bargain. Really good for Christmas gifts!

The Works || Free delivery over £20
If you're from the UK you've probably seen this store and assumed it's only good for art supplies, but their paperbacks are usually 3 for £5 or sometimes even 6 for £10! They have a huge selection (as you can view/buy on their website). I tend to buy my Collins Classics from here, especially in the sale as most books go for a £1 or sometimes even 50p. If you don't have the time to browse the store, at least give the site a looksie. If you're a parent or have children to buy for this Christmas, they often have a 10 children's book for £10 offer. 

Tesco and Asda || Free Click & Collect
99.9% of the time, both these supermarkets have the 2 for £7 deal on paperbacks (Or £3.95 each). It's great and I always make an effort to scroll down the book ally before starting my weekly grocery shop. Bonus fact: If you buy them from Tesco, you get the added bonus of clubcard points. Yay! If you see something on their site, you can always do click and collect, which is super helpful for all you busy bee's out there.

Need I say more, really? I felt it a bit dumb to put Amazon on the list as it seems like an obvious choice, but to be perfectly honest, I mostly buy my books secondhand from Amazon. A used book can go for as little as £2.81 - that's including delivery, and I have yet to have a bad experience when ordering a used book. I just favour used books more than brand new ones, I don't fully know why. I think it just adds to the charm. Especially when the spine is cracked and it looks well-loved. I feel like I'm giving it a second lease at life, and hopefully it will one day be passed down to someone who will also love it.

Charity Shops
Don't overlook a good ol' charity shop. My local Oxfam is by far my favourite as they usually do books for as little as £1 and rarely sell anything that isn't in reasonable condition. You can't go charity book shopping with a few titles in mind, but it is handy to keep a list on your phone that you can refer back to when faced with multiple shelves of books in no order. Charity shops are also a great place to pick up the classics that you've been meaning to buy but wind up getting lost off the path by newly released shiny books with stories you know nothing about. 

The Library
Last but by no means least, your local library. I am ever so grateful for my library, I would've read far less books than I have if it wasn't for it. Let's face it, books can be bloody expensive and sometimes you just can't afford to splash out £7 on a new book that you may not even enjoy. My local library has come so far over the years and now have the option of ordering anything your heart could possibly want on their online catelog and it will be shipped to my local library ready for pick up within 5 days. It's great and I feel really blessed for it. No longer are the days of disappointment when the book you've had your eye on isn't stocked in the limited YA range the library holds. 

I hope that's given you a few other places to browse for a new read, or maybe given you a place to find a gift. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment them below! #BookLoversUnite

- Anne x

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