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At Christmas time, I'm fond of giving people hampers. Whether that be, themed hampers (movie night, pamper evening, holiday prep, etc..), beauty hampers, or food. There's something incredibly satisfying about gathering all these little bits and bobs that you think they'll like. Of course, gifts like these are better done with mass amounts of time beforehand so you aren't running around like a headless chicken finding everything you wanted. That's where Tesco Direct comes in.

I was scroll through the site last night and stumbled upon the food hampers that they offer, and I was pleasantly surprised. They cater to many people's dietary restrictions and aren't too expensive. Don't get me wrong, it would likely be far cheaper to do any of these yourself (with your own budget in mind), but if you're a busy bee and want a quick gift that is also thoughtful - possibly even for a family, these may be your saviour. There are plenty on the site, but these are my top picks:

Vegan Hamper || £29.99

Gluten & Wheat Free Hamper (Alcohol Free) || £29.99

The Luxury Hamper || £49.99

So there you have it. Hopefully one of these tickled your fancy, or just gave you an idea for a gift. People too easily dismiss "hand-made" gifts nowadays. It's always more special to receive something that has a bit of a personal touch. Think about it.

I hope you're having a wonderful day! 
- Anne

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