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February was the big month. The month I travelled back to California to reunite with my partner. Keeping in mind that this is only my second long-haul trip, I had me some jitters. But thankfully everything went smoothly and I write this as I'm weighed down by three blankets on his bed (TV shows lie. California is cold.). So as you can tell, I'm feeling comfortable and safe.

I missed a few days this month, and I was going to apologise for that but, I shan't. Because I didn't purposely miss them, in fact it was quite the opposite. I was deliriously happy and simply forgot. Now that's a good reason to forget something, if I've ever heard one. So.. Let's just appreciate the fact that we stopped kissing long enough for me to snap some shots. Okay? Okay. Yay for photos!
01/02/2017: My little Angel isn't feeling well, which is causing me to feel helpless. I leave a week today to visit my partner, and I can't imagine going when he's feeling poorly. Throwback photo, just FYI.
02/02/2017: Some days you mourn for the breakfast that went into your tummy weeks ago. So long gone. So tremendously sad.
03/02/2017: Finally getting to check the things off my holiday list is incredibly satisfying. I feel like the weight is slowly lifting off of my shoulders. 3 days to go. #FOTD: Future Anne, buy mascara and foundation when you have cash that isn't dollars.
04/02/2017: To colour in, or not to colour. The struggle is real. Sigh. On a different note, I've been finding joy in doodling again. It's quite therapeutic to squiggle down lines and end up with something that resembles something else. My wrist throbs, but it's worth it. Even more calming if you sip green tea and blast music in your ears during the process (my current pick being Love Steps in by Clare Bowen.).
05/01/2017: A Sunday throwback to my yummy (goodbye) lunch the other day! A review of the cafe will be up on my blog soonish. Can you do a review with photos of only one meal? I ask the big questions.
06/02/2017: Tomorrow is the big day. An adventure starts, I'm fearful but equally excited. My chest feels heavy, and I need something to help lift it. 
08/02/2017: I fail at resolutions. I didn't upload a photo yesterday due to travels and jetlagness. So tonight I'll just do two and we'll all pretend that I uploaded this shot yesterday, Okay? Okay. Turbulence is a bitch. Rain and turbulence makes for a rocky ride.  I didn't get a decent shot in the air, but I had to upload something as.. well, if I didn't upload a plane shot to Instagram, did I even travel?
08/02/2017: Waves of love are rolling in. Just sayin'.
09/02/2017: his pretty much sums up my vacation so far. And I am wholeheartedly glad about that.
10/02/2017: Travelling across half the world to be with the one you love is all fun and games until you miss your pretty kitty. Sigh. 
14/02/2017: Whether you're with your better half, kissing your children/pet at bed time, or having a glass of wine with your girlfriends.. Happy Valentine's Day. It's a day to celebrate love. Romantic or not.
15/02/2017: A blur of motion in a place of calm. Always look for that hidden gem.
15/02/2017: I'm a little bit all over the place today. I don't do well with change and I'm finding it semi daunting to find my way. I'm so used to building my days around others, so when faced with a blank canvas.. I'm a little lost. Okay. A lot lost. I keep wanting to ask people what I should do. I have a feeling the remainder of this month will either build me up or knock me down. Scary confession. So.. what does a self reflecting post need? A selfie. Clearly. Hello modern world.
16/02/2017: "Artistic creativity is a whirlpool of imagination that swirls into the depths of the mind." - Shirley Temple. 
17/02/2017: "One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside out windows today." - Dale Carnegie.
18/01/2017: New blog post! Click HERE to read. A speedy review of the Sierra Mountain In,, Grass Valley. We spent a night here last weekend and it was one to remember. Quaint, charming and.. cold. Give it a looksy if you have a free minute.
19/02/2017: This pretty much sums up both mine and @BilliamSWN's belated Valentines Day yesterday. We celebrated with a meal at one of his favourite places Maggianos. Bought both cold medicine (not pictured because.. aesthetic) and a plant (he's a plant person, who knew?), that of which we named Henry 2.0. Went to watch A Cure For Wellness - which I have mixed feelings on. And ended the evening with cuddles and red wine. I feel incredibly blessed to love someone who has such a beautiful heart. 
20/02/2017: Possibly my next choice from my ever-growing TBR pile. I've owned One Day for years now and have never gotten around to opening up it's pages. That's what I love able books - they'll wait patiently for you to delve into their worlds. You can have something sitting upon your shelf for years untouched, but when you do, bam. Magic.
21/02/2017: New recipe up on the blog, click HERE to read. Vegetable and Cannellini Bean Soup. Super comforting and good for the soul- especially lovely for these chilly evenings. Check it out if you have a spare moment. 
22/02/2017: "A book worth reading is worth buying." - John Ruskin. Lately I've been questioning whether my continuous act of borrowing books from my local library is prohibiting author to get the sales they want. Of course, to the big names of the author world, it doesn't make a difference. But the small ones? I don't know. Books can be expensive when you inhale them like air. And it is sometimes implausible to think you can buy every book you want to read. But I rarely buy books at full price (I mostly buy secondhand books from Amazon or charity shops). Is that the same as listening to music for free on Youtube without showing support by buying an EP? I'm torn.
22/02/2017: Okay, not the healthiest. I'll admit. But being veggie is so much more fun when fast food restaurants cater to you. In n Out is a place you go for cheese heaven and bask in the yumminess of animal fries (yeah, I find that ironic too). Looking at old food photos is making my tummy grumble.
23/02/2017: My review for A Cure For Wellness is now up on RootingBranches. Click HERE to read. I had some major quips with this movie. Between sexual assault, lack of character growth and the belittling of women. Meh, no. Plus it was freaking weird. A real shame. At least they offered beautiful shots - notably this one. What were your thoughts?
24/02/2017: Next up on the blog: Current Favourite Perfumes (Note from future Anne: Click HERE to read.). Should be live tomorrow evening! How exciting. Spoiler: It features this little favourite. 
25/02/2017: I read Me Before You during February (after it was on my TBR for months) and was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a big ol' cheese fest but instead I was met with bright characters and a decent plot. I know a lot of people find the story problematic but, to be honest, I was mostly fangirling over Lou the entire time. Kinda want to pick up the sequel, Me After You. Not gonna lie.
25/02/2017: French toast is what a cuddle to the tummy feels like. This looks far more appetising than the dorito sandwich I had for lunch. Tsk.
26/02/2017: Up on the blog: Top 3 Perfumes (all under £45!). One being a mere £8.99! Click HERE to give it a looksy. I've never been a big perfume girl, but as I've gotten older, I've grown fond of the occasional spritz of heaven. It helps me feel confident.
27/02/2017: Yup, we're (myself and @BilliamSWN) officialy that kind of couple. Not that I mind. Life is too short to not be cheesy.
28/02/2017: Nursing a sick man with manflu. If you have someone who needs some tummy comfort, why not check out the Vegetable and Cannellini Bean Soup recipe that is on my blog? It's only logical. Click HERE to view.

March is going to be a hell of a month. I'll see you at the end of it.
- Anne x


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