From Brown To Red || Nutrisse Ultra Colour 6.60 Review


I went red! Literally! Not like all those other times when I went out with the intention of returning home with dye that will make my hair as red as a cherry, and instead wound up with the same coppery locks that I've had since I was 15. Voila! I can check this one off the bucket list.

Okay, but seriously, I did go red. And I've had a fair few questions on social media (mainly Instagram) asking what dye I used, and whether it's lasting. So I figured a speedy review was in order. Because, well, why not? I used Nutrisse Ultra Colour in 6.60 Fiery Red. My hair reaches mid back, so I did need one and a half boxes of dye, which isn't ideal. It didn't spread very easily and as someone with some stubborn blonde highlights gained from a hairdresser disaster a few years ago, I definitely needed the extra help. If your hair is fine or easily coloured, then this won't be a worry for you. Obviously. Duh, Anne. But I figured it was worth mentioning, just in case. I was so thankful that I had that extra box or else I would've certainly had some questionable ombre going on.

The colour came out quite accurately to the box photo, which pleased me immensely. Though I did want a more gingery undertone but I think that is only achieved by a salon adventure, which I am not yet ready to endure *Points stubbornly at the hairdresser disaster line in the last paragraph*. But I have a big ol' quim, the dye is rapidly leaving. I've washed my hair a grand total of five times since dyeing, and each time I do, it's like my hair has had it's time of month. It's to the point that I'm afraid of being caught in the rain (yes, and I like pina coladas) for the fear of the dye running down my clothes.

Damage wise, I haven't appeared to have any. My hair looked and felt so glossy for days after dyeing. I wish I could buy the conditioner included in a big bottle, as my hair would thrive. And I didn't notice any extreme snapping or falling. My ends aren't dry, and the dye didn't stain my skin. So for that broad topic, it gets a yay.

All in all, this dye does give the results that you go in wanting but it isn't permanent in the slightest. I know boxed dye always states that it'll last for 14 washes or something of that nature, and it never does. But it is kinda ridiculous how much dye I'm losing each time I wash my hair. 5 washes in, I ought to be okay walking around the rain without too much worry. I've never had that problem with the other dyes I've used in the past (Schwarzkopt Color 088 Urban Brown or Garnier Nutrisse Cream Colour 5.54 Light Mahogany). More annoying than anything. 

I want to keep this colour a little longer but I don't know if I can with the upkeep that red entails. Do you have a similar colour that's a little longer lasting? If so, please let me know! 

- Anne x

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