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May was a month of happenings. Not all good, actually, barely any were good. The world shattered with the bombing at Manchester that took the lives of too many innocent souls. My mother spent majority of the month unwell, meaning that her birthday semi-flopped. My heart has felt like a boulder that I've been dragging around with me from May 1st to May 30th, if I'm to be entirely honest. Everything has seemed wrong this month, and with that, everything has gone wrong. Next month will be better. I'll be travelling halfway across the world (again) to spend over 2 months with my better half. I'll be ageing a whole year. And I'll make an effort to spark something inside again. I need to get back my writing mojo. I've been half-arsing blogging during May and I want that to stop. This is meant to be escape. Positives? I've read a whole lot during May. And in spite of the tragedy at Manchester, the world came together and the love spread across social media was rather beautiful/ I just wish that something so awful has to happen to make us humans open up our hearts to others. June will be better, but for now, here is May.
01/05/2017: New Post: "Llandudno Victorian Day Extravaganza, North Wales." || Click HERE to view. We're throwing it back to Saturday on the blog with a photo packed post about the yearly funfair that takes place in Llandudno. Rides like these flip my stomach when looking up at them, so this shot was 100% painful to take, heh. What's your favourite funfair ride? 
02/05/2017: Veggie burger, sweet potato fries, and all the relish. What other type of pub food matters? None, agreed, well done. 
03/05/2017: This is Jack. My Nain's "new" dog. He has insane looking googly eyes, a need to jump on everything (including me), and cannot be trusted near anything breakable. Welcome. He also has very large ears that put my cat's ears to shame. 
04/05/2017: Currently Reading: Lie With Me by Sabine Durrant. Okay, tiny fib again, I actually finished this mystery last night. My thoughts? I liked it. This was the first mystery book in a long-long-long-long while where I didn't guess the outcome (or at the very least, a large chunk of it). I wasn't too keen on the characters, but I'm beginning to learn that books like this, Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train rarely have pleasant characters.  Everybody has to be a suspect and have layers. Like, well, ordinary humans I guess. I wouldn't pick this up for a reread but I would recommend it to anyone who likes a little mystery in their pages. Have you read it? What'd you think? 
05/05/2017: Dress details. I'm finding it semi impossible to find anything weddingy that I like. Everything is too over the top or too simple. I really like the back detail of this dress from @topshop. Cream, lace and elegant? Check. Would suit my arms and chest? Nope. Life is cruel.
07/05/2017: I recently reread The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and forgot how much I appreciate this book. (The movie is also quite good for an adaption) Charlie is the softest character I have had the pleasure of reading about (in a good way) for a long while - possibly since my last read of this slender novel. It's a convincing portrayal of the modern teenage life. Which is semi disheartening, but.. yeah. Have you read it? Let me know your thoughts. Any recommendations?
08/05/2017:  New Post: "From Brown to Red: A Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour review." Click HERE to view.  It's been a fair few weeks since my hair got a makeover but I wanted to get a good overall impression of the boxed dye before writing up a review. Drugstore dye is always hit or miss, after all. 
09/05/2017: Ignore the pile of clothes on my bed (was in the process of trying on Summer clothes), but how cute is this shirt from @hm? A bargain at £7.49! You can really find some online gems when it comes to highstreet fashion. The delivery was so great as well, speedy and free with a discount code.
10/05/2017: I recently won a competition on Twitter (run by the lovely @iamkirstiekins), and received these little gems in the post. I've read Gone Girl, but my mum is hogging my original copy. (Tsk!), but the other two are completely new to me. Have you read or heard anything about them? Let me know!
10/05/2017: Pretty sky made even prettier with a filter. My eyes are quite satisfied right now.
11/05/2017: Throwback to a cutie kitty with an adorable sleeping face/a creepy mama who stares at a little guy sleeping and takes photos (sometimes with herself in shot). When I have an actual child, I'm going to have to own a million memory cards for photos alone. Let's not even think about the videos yet. .
13/05/2017: Shadow play. ⬛ I'm a little all over the place lately. I feel like a flower that's been blasted with intense wind repeatedly for a few hours. My petals are bent backwards and my leaves are falling off. No amount of water is fixing me. I don't really know what to do, to be perfectly honest. BDD is killing my sanity and social life, in the most stupidest of ways. And it feels as though I have a constant cloud rammed in my head. There isn't really a purpose to this post, I just feel like I'm going to go mad if I don't have anywhere to write this down. Blegh. Let's just look at the flowers.
14/05/2017: Happy Mothers Day to all the US people on Instagram! Why not celebrate the way me and my mother do, and watch some horror-motherly flicks? Here are our picks! 
15/05/2017: "Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving." 
16/05/2017: That side profile though. I sometimes want to squeeze the cuteness out of the one Mr. Buki but that would make me a crazy Mama so... I'll just gush over the photos and clench my hands like a child in need of chocolate. 
17/05/2017: Am I a blogger yet? To be honest, I do really love avocado and although I am such a cliché, I find this shot oddly satisfying. Plus yummy. And I just had to have avocado with my sweet potato because I just *needed* to take a photo for today's post. Ya know? Blogger and first world problems. Oh well. [Sideways glance of shameee]
18/05/2017: Throwback: My little sunshine who is always around my heart. I never thought it was possible to grieve a pet this deeply. Everyday when I go downstairs to my mum, I expect Jess to be laying beside her - her thick tail hitting against the couch hard and a smile that never failed to resemble a bad yearbook photo gracing her features. When I eat anything in a pot, my impulse is to call her name so she can lick it clean. When I go to the shop, my hand itches to reach for a 5p lollipop for her. It's been nearly 2 years and I'm still lost in the memories. And I can't decide whether that's a good or bad thing. .
19/05/2017: A vintage style #FromWhereISit. I'm around 6 chapters into Find Her by Lisa Gardner and I'm really liking it so far! I'm intrigued by the unknown and there are two kick ass ladies. Yup, two. The sun is shining, I'm wearing my newest thrifted item and have a tootsie pop between my lips. Summer might not be as bad this year. (She says, in Spring. Watch this space.) 
20/05/2017: Happy Caturday! This is a throwback shot but I absolutely love it. Between his cuteness and the shadows.. oy vey. 
21/05/2017: Dreaming of cappuccinos in a quiet little cafe. I don't know if you fellow bloggers can relate, but sometimes writing in the quiet of your own bedroom can get grating. I need inspiration or the laughter of families as background noise. Some days, vlogs or music can help, but others? Not so much. I'm craving human company, even if it isn't directed towards me. If that makes sense. Sigh.
21/05/2017: New Post: A review of Wild by Cheryl Strayed. || Click HERE to read. Spoiler: I loved this book. So darn much. Have you read it? What were your thoughts? 
22/05/2017: Sometimes you just need to be super duper British and have a veggie all English. This is what Mondays are for...? 
23/05/2017: I go through today with a heavy rock in my chest and thoughts lost towards those affected by the events in Manchester last night. I can't fathom such cruelty, such.. weakness. It's incredibly sad. This place - which is the result of a 2 hour hike - seems wrong in the moment. Too beautiful in a horrific world. 
24/05/2017: Throwing it back to yesterday when I was up in the mountains (literally) and had a decent hairstyle going on. Truth be told, I hate this photo, my smile looks fake, I remember the pain I felt in my back and heart, and its just all round blegh to me. Alas, I had nothing to post today so I'm willing to settle. I have to learn to be okay with that, ya know? Today was a little brighter, but not much. You have to decide when the right time is to let go of the pain that you don't really have a right to feel. I keep thinking of the families involved with the Manchester tragedy, it's like a shadow over everything. Their pain is unimaginable. Maybe we just have to smile for the broken hearts, even when it's hard. I don't know anymore.
25/05/2017: "Focus your energy on the fragrance and beauty of the petals not on the thorns."
26/05/2017: I think I have an unhealthy relationship with snacking. I instantly assume it's something for a "cheat day" and often deprive myself of feeding my rumbling stomach because I think it's best to wait until Dinner - no matter how long away it is. I want to change that. I've been working on my fitness (a never ending battle due to fibro, but hey, at least I'm trying) so my body needs the nutrients. Here's to trying to change for the better, I guess..? 
27/05/2017: Happy Caturday! My little guy is thriving from the sunshine that is gracing us brits. To think he's Irish, he sure is made for the heat.
28/05/2017: Yesterday I finished Infinite Sky by C.J. Flood and I liked it. Wouldn't say loved, but I appreciated the story and I will admit to tearing up a few times. It's definitely a #YA gem from a genre I usually wouldn't pick up. It was a pleasant change. What are you currently reading? Have you read Infinite Sky? If so, what did you think? 

29/05/2017: New Post: "River Deep, Mountain High" || Aber Falls, North Wales.Click HERE to read! A jam packed blog post bursting with photos of our day trip. I'd appreciate a scroll!
29/05/2017: I'm craving a halloumi and salad wrap with all the fried sides. Sadly I'm being healthy and sticking to the salad part. Sad face.
30/05/2017: It's time to embrace my inner Rory Gilmore and read more classics. I'm a sucker for things of the YA genre, rereads, and predictable mysteries. But alas, I want to have more of a gander into the realm of what us modern day humans class as classics (say that 10 times fast). Do you have any recommendations?
31/05/2017: The highlight of my month has most certainly been gaining sight. If you know me personally, you'd of likely been nagging me for a few months to get an updated eye-test. So, voila! No longer am I the squinty girl. My sight has rapidly deteriorated, but lets ignore that and appreciate the pretty frames instead. And can we take a moment to appreciate the Specsavers 2 for 1 deal? 

So there we have it, May in a photo-themed nutshell. I semi failed last months goal of taking more photos on the day of uploading, so I'll just carry it through to June. This time next month, I'll be in California with the man I love and likely complaining about the weather. You know what they say, you can take the Brit out of Britain but you.... You know the rest. Wait, they don't say that? Awks. 

Wising you a good June! 

- Anne x

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