Superdrug Beauty Haul: Birthday Edition


I, like many girls, enjoy playing with makeup despite the fact I'm not very good at it. Because of the whole 'not very good' aspect, I've never really invested (or rather, asked someone to invest a little for me - thank you, mother - as a birthday gift) in anything other than a £10 foundation that still makes me anxious thinking about. That's a lot of doe, yo.. Sorry, I won't do that again. I've aged so I'm clinging onto my youth, you know? PS: If you want to read about all I want to get up to this year, why not read my 21 Things I Want To Do When 21 post? Back on point, makeup is expensive but I like the process of painting a new person on your face. It's fun and, sue me, can be confidence building. A bit of red lippy and a girl can feel as though she can take on the world and go all Gal Gadot on people. 

I ordered this heap of goodies when the classic 3 for 2 offer was on, so yay. It's also good to note that Superdrug offers free standard delivery for anyone who has a clubcard. That reason alone is why I'll always be a Superdrug over Boots girl, just sayin'. I'll shush now, let's get onto the products. 
All items are listed below. 

The Products: 

- Anne x

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