48 Hrs To Christmas: Last Minute Gift Guide


In 24 hours, we'll all be merry with the Christmas cheer and singing loud for all the hear. Okay, maybe not the singing part. Though it seems near impossible nowadays, what with online shopping and all, many of us still find ourselves waking up on Christmas Eve with a list of people we still need to buy for. The horror! This is my rough guide to speedy gifts you can buy in a hurry.

Photo Album
Whether you're in Debenhams, Home Bargains, or Tesco.. they all sell a photo album. This is a great last minute gift that doubles as something extremely thoughtful. Include a voucher or some cash for them to print out some photos to fill it with, or go through the old boxes of unappreciated photos and fill it up for them.

Food Box/Hamper
Unlike mainstream stores, the supermarkets won't fail you on this one. Whether it's a gift box filled with odds and ends that you think the gift recipient will like, or a themed gift like a Tea Hamper, this is great one no matter what your budget it. It's also a great one for any child you need to buy for last minute, add some hot chocolate stuff, some popcorn and maybe even a movie. Speedy and fun.

Go old school, and do them a burned CD. This is a good one if they have a car. Granted, most people are abandoning the tunes for a podcast but sometimes you just want to have a ride that's backed by a playlist. Add some songs that remind you of them, and it's doubled as thoughtful. You can get blank CD's and legit CD cases in any Poundshop. So, yay for thrifty gifts.

Amazon Gift Card
When all else fails, email them a gift card. If they've been mentioning something that they'd like or you know of a hobby, perhaps include a note with a suggestion of what you think they ought to buy. If they're a busy mummy or daddy, maybe suggest some nice pamper products or a good book. Amazon's options are endless.

So there we have it. Quick and easy gifts that you can throw together on Christmas Eve. Say bye-bye to those quick Lynx and Dove sets and give something thoughtful this season. But really, Christmas isn't about gift giving or receiving. Just show love and offer your time to those around you. We all have an excuse to ignore the outside world and not let reality in for a day, and if you ask me, that is priceless. Merry Christmas.

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