Big Brow Problems


As a girl of naturally gifted bigger brows (and by that I mean, moderately decently sized without a list of products), I am often complimented by fellow girls. It's flattering, though a little odd as having a stranger say "I love your eyebrows" is never going to feel normal. But as with most things, there are lows to the perks. Here are my top 5 brow related struggles that anyone with big(ger) brows will get.

Bad Brow Days
Much like the hair on our heads, our brows can go through some serious bad looking days. I've woken up a multitude of times with my brow hairs sticking up the wrong way, making it seem as though I belong more in Whoosville. Unlike our hair, we cannot straighten the heck out of our brows so we have to merely rely on some water or a brow gel (if you're fancy).

The Fear Of Overplucking
I only pluck my brows. Never waxed, shaved, threaded, or whatever the latest trend is. I've always relied on my trusty tweezers and a steady hand. That's all well and good until you have a single stray hair quite close to the shaping area of your brows, and you have the inner battle of whether or not to pluck it. Will it look better? Will it leave a noticeable bald spot in it's place? The struggle is real.

Unabrow Game Strong
When girls sport big bold natural brows, it's usually because they either never got their hands on a pair of tweezers in the early 2000's, or they have tremendously fast growing hair. I'm the latter, and though it is great that my brows quickly mend any plucking mistakes I make, it also means that I usually spend more time sorting out the area between my brows rather than the slugs themselves. Unabrows are no ones friends.

Product Useage
Brow gel, shadow, pencils, liquid stuff.. the list is endless. Since the world domination of the Kardashians, I mean, errr.. Instagram. The hair lines above our eyes have become an important factor in our daily makeup routines. It's weird but it's true. They do line the face and all. Because of that, I personally use more shadow on my brows than I do on my eyelids. I'm constantly hitting pan and as someone who likes to think of themselves as "savvy with money", it's problematic.
What's your main brow struggle? And remember - big, small or in the middle - all brows are beautiful sisters that need a little love from their owners.

Side-note: I know it's obvious, but to prevent any possible misunderstanding, this post is written just as a bit of fun. I'm very grateful for my brows and I know they aren't Cara standards nor are they 85% of Instagram's standards, but alas.. blog posts can be fun. I hope at least one person can have a chuckle as they relate.


  1. I love having thicker eyebrows. I plucked my eyebrows a couple of times, early 2000s when I was 15. I learnt quickly from that mistake because they were so thin they made me look like an alien. I have grown by brows since then, and just kept them tidy with a little threading or plucking. However, since about 2016 I haven't touched them! Which means I do have the odd afro eyebrow day, but other than that they've been pretty good. I also get compliments on them, and also 'how do you get them like that?'. So many people are shocked when I say I don't pluck my eyebrows! This was a great, and fun, post to read :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much for reading! I envy your ability to leave the brows be, I think I'd end up with some bushes. I'm sure yours look awesome. Hopefully in another 5 years, everyone will leave them o'natural.


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